What does the title of the blog post mean? Well, it comes from a search that somebody out there in the bowels of cyperspace—from San Antonio, TX, to be exact—found my blog by typing those words into Google doing an image search.

I have no idea why that led to them to this blog, but according to Google Stats, it did. I find it particularly amusing. Since it was an image search, I assume the Google algorithm pretty much ignored everything but the “big jugs” part.

Except, I’ve never used the word “jugs” on this blog. Either as in a “jug of wine” or as a slang term for a woman’s breasts (which, I believe, should be spelled “juggs” not “jugs”). Nevertheless, the searcher from San Antonio, who apparently wants a job and big “jugs” (whichever definition he meant), found my blog by using that term.

Hmm….perhaps it was a woman with large “juggs” who was looking for work? Perhaps she was looking for a job where her large juggs would be considered an asset to the job? Perhaps she should have typed, “Have large juggs, need a job where they would come in handy”?

I guess I’ll never know the real answer. But I do find it amusing. Why am I mentioning this? Because this is a special blog post, different than any I’ve ever done. I am celebrating a milestone with this post. Yesterday I passed 25,000 total page views for this blog. So to celebrate, I thought I’d talk a bit about the blog—by the numbers—and also talk a bit about search terms. I find the search terms folks have used to find this blog interesting and amusing, worth talking about anyway, so this is a good excuse to do that.

Because of the milestone then, and my desire to talk numbers and search words, this is going to be a particularly self-indulgent post (yes, even moreso than usual). I may be the only person who reads it. But for this one time, I don’t care.

So, 25K in pageviews. I don’t know if that’s good or not for a blog that’s basically eight months old, but it sure does amaze me. When I started, I could count my readers on one hand. Everyone who read my blog not only knew me personally, but had already heard all the stories I told. Somehow, I built up a readership, a following. In the past 30 days, I’ve had 8,700 pageviews, about 1/3 my total. So it’s really been the last few months, 2012 really, that I’ve gotten most of my readers. In order, the five biggest sources of traffic for my blog—all time—are Google, TBC, Very Josie , Allvegaspoker, and PokerGrump. Grumpy—as Josie likes to call him—gets special mention because his link to my “Protect Your Hand” post not only made it the most popular post on the site in a matter of days (Sorry, Prudence) but also got me the most one day traffic by far (699, a record that just fell a few days ago). Damn that Grump is popular. So thanks to everyone who has linked to me, and who has graciously added me to their blogroll.

As a result of this blog, I have made a bunch of new friends, all people I didn’t know before I got started. Many of them are fellow bloggers, some are not. Some I’ve met in person, and I hope to meet more of them in person in the future. It’s been a great experience.

I have readers from all over the country and all over the world, which is kind of neat. Of course, overwhelmingly the most readers come from the U.S. Wanna know what country is second? Believe it or not, it’s (mother) Russia. Russia? Really? Do they like poker that much in Russia? Or is it the “woman said” stories that get them coming back? I guess with enough Vodka my writing seems good!

After that, it’s England, Canada and Germany. I know I have regular readers in all those countries.

So as I said, I want to talk about search terms that people have put into a search engine that led them to my blog. Because a lot of the terms are funny, at least to me, both in terms of the actual words or phrases, and in thinking about how some of those searches ended up reaching this blog.

There are different ways I can see what folks search for, and thus I have different levels of info about the search. Google itself will only tell me the words, and how many people used the exact term over a specific period of time. Feedjit and Statscounter tell me more, like where the person is from and possible what page or what image they landed on (but even that is hit or miss).

So here goes. Search terms are in bold, followed by my comment.

“’male dancer’ nude blogspot,”

“are there any totally nude male stripper show .com,”

“blog naked housewife.”

“full frontal male dancers,”

“house wife naket dance,”

“nude male dancers.”

Some of those searches may have been looking for pictures and were no doubt sadly disappointed. But it did lead them to one of my earliest, popular posts: “The MidwestHousewife and the Nude Male Dancer”..

“hookers hard rock vegas”

Seven folks found my “Hard Rock Hooker” —my second post—by searching for that. Maybe they were looking for the “official” hooker of the Hard Rock?


Or similarly, “rob vegas poker” or “rob vegas blog” or rob’s poker blog” or “robs poker and vegas”. Now I assume these are all people who have been to the blog before and forgot the URL, so it’s nice that they took the effort to find me again. Thank you!

“a straight flush and flopped quads”

Three people searched for that exact phrase, which is the exact title of this post. Since it’s not a common phrase I assume they read the story, forgot where they saw it and took the time to hunt me down. Nice.

“Anna Faris crazy amateur.”

Weird, but It led to them my post about Veronica) but what where they really looking for, an amateur Anna Faris?

“girl is loot of lost poker game”.

Huh? Since it was from Google Germany I looked up “loot” and it is a German word, it means “soldered.” I don’t think that helps. I wonder if they just meant to type “lost” and then rather than correct it, just typed “lost” after it. But it got them to the Veronica post.

“blogspot.com poker lose she”

Huh? I don’t that but I do think it got them to the Veronica post again.

“get lost, i've got another girl.”

not sure if they got to the Veronica post or the one about how I got lost in Vegas.

“cut big logging”

No idea what that means or how it got them to me.

“ferris zero turn parts for the deck”

Another one that totally baffles me.

“how to peek at your hole cards so no one sees”

OK, that’s easy. That got them to my single most popular post, “Protect Your Hand”. Although I’m not sure if they got the answer they were looking for, since it was a different meaning of “protecting your hand” that I was talking about.

“le burger brasserie server outfits”

Heh heh. My dinner with grrouchie. I’m guessing they wanted pics tho, not a description.

“Jennifer Tilly blogspot”
Heh heh. Or just “Jennifer Tilly” or “Tilly” or even I think “Jennifer Poker”. Get quite a few image search hits since I put her picture on my own “Jennifer Tilly Effect” page a few months back.

how much do a poker birthday cake run

Come on guy, that should be “does” not “do”. Check your grammar when you google! Guess it got them to my Crazy Pineapple Birthday post, as well as a search for “pinneaple upside down birthday cake.”

“how to find a hooker in vegas”

Wonder which hooker story this landed them on? And I’ve never had any trouble finding a hooker, they seem to find me. I can help them with spotting hookers though, if they aren’t sure.

“hookers Laughlin”

Wonder how that got to me? I’ve never discussed Laughlin here.

“poker tattoo”

Although it wasn’t about a poker tattoo per se, I guess this got them one of my earlier posts about the girl with no visable tattoos who pointed to her crotch.
“great racks”

No doubt this led them to my post about Rita’s Rack. Or were they looking for coat racks? I don’t think so. Probably a search for “poker ‘in the rack’” got the same result.

“i hate pocket kings”

Gee, I wonder how they found this blog with that! Or this search: losing with pocket kings. Or this one: “pocket kings curse”.

“naked in the convent”

I admit, I nakedly picked that title because I thought I would get a lotta search hits with it, I mean both “naked” and “convent”, how could I miss. But although my first encounter with Prudence remains the second most popular post on my blog, only two of those pageviews came from that search.

“figure of 'prudence'”

Speaking of Prudence….I have no idea which post about her that got them to, nor do I have any idea what the hell they were really looking for. But I doubt they were looking for this blog’s Prudence.

“best tits on facebook”
“huge facebook tits”

Ok, now we’re getting to the funnier and more salacious searches. These two tickle me. Why is anyone looking for tits on Facebook? Are there any there? Certainly not among my FB friends, which is generally a good thing. Maybe there was a story about someone getting into trouble for posting topless pics on FB? Don’t know. Just seems like a weird place to look for breasts, if that was your thing.

“best naked hollywood breasts”

I think I have discussed breasts on the blog once or twice, and even maybe naked ones a time or two. But Hollywood breasts? I don’t think I’ve discussed the best naked breasts in Hollywood. But it is a topic I could probably blog about if I was so inclined. Just haven’t done it and thus is google anticipating a future post?

“best hanging bosoms”

Ok, there’s a guy with a very specific interest!

“big boobs BIG CLEAVAGE”

I get it. He likes ‘em big. And I guess he prefers cleavage to bare breasts. How did he end up here?

“big testicles blogspot”

Whoever searched for that was no doubt disappointed by this Prudence post, but why did he (or she) add the “blogspot” to the search. Were they trying to find a blog dedicated to large testicles? A few folks found the same post by searching for ”huge testicles”. Guessing they wanted pics. Sorry.

“big tit meeting big cock”

Well it’s clear what this searcher wanted, but not a combination ever discussed on this blog.

“blonde woman naked tits”

Have I ever discussed specifically a blonde woman with naked tits? Pretty sure the answer is no.

“three real boobs”

Hmmm….were they looking for a really, really, really unique woman? Or did they mean “boobs” as a person who isn’t very right, and they wanted to find three of them who are really boobs? If it’s a woman, I’ve always been satisfied with two, myself.

“largest tits in the world?”

I think this must have been for a research paper, no? Probably led them to my most recent hooker post.

“largest vagina”

Ok, I have to admit that the “v-word” has been thrown around a bit on this blog, but never has size been discussed. And really, is the “largest” vagina all that desirable, really?

“las vegas huge tits”

OK, easy to understand how that found me. But are Vegas huge tits really better than, say, Peoria huge tits?

“poker hooker vegas”

Wow, that blog and my blog are a match made in heaven, don’t you think? Now I wonder if the guy was looking for hookers who specialize in servicing poker players? Do such hookers exist? Everyone specializes these days. “How much for all-in? What’s your best rate for a suck-out?”

“men with huge tits”

Excuse me, but that is certainly a subject that has never been discussed here. And never will. To each his own, I guess, but I’d say this searcher has serious issues. Get some help, man.

“my sleeping wifes big boobies”

Wow, that has never been discussed here, why did that get him here? Now, was the guy just assuming that somewhere on the internet, there were pictures of his wife’s boobies? Shouldn’t he have used her name rather than trust that “my wife” would work? Was this like the old joke, a guy comes up to another guy and says, “Do you have any naked pictures of your wife?” And when the guy says no, the first guy pulls out an envelope and says, “Would you like some?”

“nice big tits”

Only question here is, is the word “nice” modifying the word “big” or the word “tits”?

“big old titties”

OK, wondering about the word “old” here. Is he looking for old titties, as in, your grandmother’s titties, or is he really saying “ol’”? Let’s see some big ol’ titties?

“big tits at work”

Tits in the office? Or are these tits that “work”? A stripper’s tits, perhaps?

“valuable boobs”

What, as opposed to worthless boobs? Aren’t they all pretty damn valuable?

“большие сиськи фото”

Shocking, huh? Heh. Heh. Actually, that’s Russian for “big tits pictures.” There’s also “самая большая грудь” which is Russian for “biggest breasts.” And less provocative, there’s “игральные карты покер” which is Russian for “playing cards poker.”

“short red hair big tits”

That’s right guy, ask for exactly what you want. Medium red hair just won’t do. But I’ve never discussed short red hair here.

“small body with huge boob”

You want the gal to be pretty much all tit, huh? And what’s with the singular? I assume he just forgot to add the s to “boob”. Or is trying to get together with the guy who was looking for three real boobs? Now they’d have the right number for two women.

“she said your balls are out”

Sports reference? Accidental nudity? A very specific phrase. Somehow, this must have gotten to one of the Prudence posts, not sure why.

“small tit cleavage”

See ladies? You don’t need big ones to be popular.

“rubbing big tits”

Have I talked about rubbing them? Not that I recall.

“asian huge tits”

This was actually a fairly common search. There must be guys out there that have both “Yellow Fever” and a big tit obsession. But I’ve never discussed “Asian” tits on this blog, huge or otherwise. I’ve never discussed the ethnicity of breasts. Several folks searched for “black tits huge” or “huge black juggs”….again, all breasts discussed on this blog belong to the world, not a specific ethnic type. So I dunno how that search led them here.

“birthday tits”

Is that a special birthday surprise? If so, I’m in favor of it. “Here are your birthday tits.” I like it. But I guess one of my birthday posts had some reference to bosoms (what are the odds?) and got them here.

“big big big breasts”

Ok, we get it. You like ‘em big! I just wonder if typing it three times got him bigger breasts to ogle than if he only typed it once?

“fake large breasts”

So it’s true. Some guys prefer “after-market” to “original factory equipment.”

“gigantic tits with long hard nipples”

Long hard nipples? I’ve not discussed nipples at all. Really, I haven’t. And many searches involving nipples have found this blog. So I don’t get that. But apparently big or long nipples are popular with some people.

“vagina and tits”

I have no idea how a search like that would find this blog. I mean, come on. But now that it’s been a suggestion, I can think of worse combinations.

Ok, ok, I guess you get the idea. At the end of this post, I’ll least some more very common searches that have found this blog. Guess what topic they revolve around?

Now I guess you could say that this just proves the theory that I am obsessed with bosoms, as shouted to me across the poker room one night by Prudence (as told here).
Au contraire, my friends. Look at all those people who have found my site by putting various terms for breasts into a search engine (and many qualifiers as to the kinds of breasts they wanted). They’re the ones who are obsessed with bosoms! Not me. Compared to them, I’m a leg man!

Now there’s a specific reason I’ve gotten all those hits when guys are looking for ta-ta’s. It started when I started adding pictures to my posts; my early posts were picture-free. Once I saw all the other blogs and how they used images to spice up their blogs, I got the message.
So that Jennifer Tilly pic I use,gets a lot of hits, both image searches and regular searches. Some of the other images I’ve used get a lot or traffic when people do image searches.

But for some reason my hits have started to go off the charts recently because of this picture I posted first in this post Pretty much every time someone searches for some derivation of breasts lately, on an image search, the come to the blog because of this pic. It’s sent my average daily pageviews up from about 150-200 to well over 500 each for the past four days. In fact yesterday I set a new record with 710 pageviews. But this pic gets most of the credit.

Here’s my dilemma. Most of those pageviews are worthless. They’re gonna take one look, see it’s not the kind of site they were looking for, and move on. What’s the point of having traffic like that? And it gives me a false read on the popularity (or lack thereof) of my blog.

OTOH, a few of those folks just might check enough of the blog to come back. I know I see that every so often, a bunch of my old posts have been viewed. Maybe these are just regular readers catching up on what they missed. But I’m sure some of it is new readers who like the current stuff and want to read the earlier posts. Is it at least possible that one or two of the folks who came here looking for “big tits tight bra” check out the blog? I guess so.

Anyway, that’s about it. But to demonstrate just how powerful those Google Image Searches can be, below is a list of search terms that have been used multiple times, some of them close to 100, that have led to this blog. In most cases, it was to the picture above, Enjoy. And thanks for reading. Sorry this was so self-centered. Comeback soon for a regular post.

asian huge tits
asian tits
bare bosoms
beautiful bosoms
big beautiful boobs
big beautiful breasts
big boob playboy
big boobage
big boobs asian
big boobs asian
big boobs funny
big boobs in tight shirt
big boobs on young girls
big boobs porn actress
big boobs small shirt
big breast
big breasts
big breasts runner
big bust
big tit asian
big tit babe in a tight shirt
big tit stories
big tits
big tits asian girls
big tits cleavage
big tits moms
big tits pornstar huge boobs
big tits tight bra
big titties
biggest cleavage
biggest cleavage
biggest cleavage
blog bosoms
boobs falling out
breasts are bigger
cleavage bent over
freaks of huge tits
giant tits
giant tits
girl with big nipples
girl zip down shirt tits
girls with gigantic boob
girls with huge boobs
gorgeous tits
Green tits.com
growing tits
hot big tits
huge boobs on the street
huge boobs zip
huge chest
huge nipples
huge testicles
huge tits
humongous tits
nice big tits
playing with tits
playing with tits
porn star big tits
pushed up cleavage
really big titties
rubbing big tits
short girl big tits
tits in top
tits stretch
very big tits
whopping tits
wonderful tits
young big bust
young big tits
young girls with big tits

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