Monday, September 26, 2011

Worrying About Her Boobs Falling Out

Recently at BSC, it was very early in the evening, and I sat down at the only 2/4 game they had.  Across from me was a middle-aged blonde who I learned was named Joan.  Joan was a reasonably attractive blonde with an extremely impressive chest.  The chest was plenty exposed, the dress she was wearing was low cut and wide open on top, there were virtually acres of tit exposed. Enough to convince me that the tits were indeed original factory equipment (the fact that the woman was a bit overweight--but not really fat--also helped convince me she was "natural.")  

It was an enjoyable sight.  I soon learned she was from Ventura County (CA) and there on her annual "girls trip."  I wasn't sure if she was with her sister or her girlfriend but it was clear that the husbands had been left back home (or perhaps they were having a guys vacation, fishing, hunting, whatever, I didn't really care). But she mentioned she would soon be leaving because "they" had to go to dinner and then to a show.....but she promised to return to the poker table after the show.

Fast forward a few hours.  Joan returned to the poker room wearing the same dress but covering up herself somewhat with a sweater (because despite the heat outside, it is usually cold in the BSC poker room).  With her was her friend, who I hadn't seen before.  At this point I was thinking they were sisters because they looked like they could be sisters--both blondes, both slightly overweight, and both with huge breasts.  And both showing similar amounts of cleavage.  Yeah, her sister or friend was almost as well built as Joan, and almost showing as much cleavage.  They were definitely welcome additions to the table.  All four of them.

I eventually figured out that the other blonde was Joan's friend, not her sister.  I can't recall her name, I only heard it once, it was something like "Esther" so let's just go with that for the sake of this story.   Joan and Esther sat opposite each other at the table I was at (by now, a second 2/4 game was going).  Joan immediately handed the dealer (George, a good guy and a "buddy" of mine) her players card, but Esther was too busy getting comfy in her seat to get her player's card.  I definitely noticed her as she bent down to take her seat (from where I was sitting, I had a better view of Esther than Joan).  

Suddenly Joan exclaimed, "Esther!"  About 10 seconds later I learned that Joan was merely trying to tell Esther that she had forgotten to give her players card to George but Esther heard the alarm in her friend's voice and had an interesting reaction.  

"What, what's wrong?"  She put her hand over her chest and looked down.  "What....did I come out of my top?"  It was an strange reaction, I thought.  How she got that from just hearing Joan call her name is beyond me (unless I suppose it had already happened that evening...but I could often see her bra as she moved and there was little chance of her accidentally flashing).  This got everyone laughing.  But when Joan explained that she needed to give George her players card, she said ok, but was in the middle of a hand and got distracted and forgot to fish her card out of her purse.  

A few minutes later, George, doing his job as he should, reminded her about the players card (as you know, you get a buck per every hour you play, you may as well start the clock as soon as possible).  Esther apologized and started looking for card in her purse.  "Oh, sorry," she said, "I was too distracted by worrying about my boobs falling out."  George held his reaction to a slight giggle.  

I do wonder why these ladies were going around flashing such major boobage, especially since they had left their husbands behind.  I wondered if their hubby's minded that they were in Vegas without them, giving such a show (it might be different if they were with them, and the husbands might enjoy "showing off" their wives).  I mean, they were basically competing for attention with the much younger "club girls" who walk around dressed like total sluts.  You could easily make the case that these two women were cougars......they were the right age, and dressed to attract male attention.  I suppose they could have gone prowling later, but from the conversation I was picking up, this was the last of their three or four nights in town and they had spent all their evenings in the poker room....not a nightclub.  Some of the other players at the table, and one of the dealers, confirmed that they had stayed up playing poker to 4:30 AM last night. Not the thing you would do if you were trying to pick up some young studs.

One friend I've told this story to suggested that Joan and Esther may have just been doing this for ego....they wanted to prove to themselves they could pick up younger guys, even though they had no intention of doing so.  Upon hearing this, I remembered something from that evening I initially hadn't told him. I had noticed Esther "adjusting" herself several times.  And I don't mean just pulling up the straps of her dress, presumably for comfort or to make sure she didn't fall out of her top, as I've seen woman do a million times.

She was actually digging into the top of her dress and touching her tits under the dress, as if to move them to a more comfortable location.  She wasn't digging in far enough to reach her nipples (unless she had the word's largest nipples, I suppose) but she was definitely touching parts of her tits that were not exposed by the cleavage exposing dress.

Was she doing this for comfort's sake?  I dunno. Never having worn a bra, I have no idea if it is necessary for a person wearing one to do this to keep herself comfortable.  All I can say is I haven't seen woman do this in public a whole lot (if ever).

Maybe she was doing it for the purpose of gaining even more male attention than just the exposed cleavage was getting her?  That would certainly play into my friend's theory.  And there were an unusual high number of female players at this game, seven of the 10 players were female.  If she wanted to attract male attention, I was one of her only few options. it possible that she was unhappy that I wasn't staring at her cleavage enough?  Is that why she reached in?  To either draw my attention or, pull them out a bit to expose more boobage?  I must admit, I found Joan's cleavage more enjoyable (and more plentiful) than Esther's.

I would say I saw Esther reach into to her dress at least three to four times. Strange, to say the least.

Or....I suppose it could be the "Jennifer Tilly effect".  Perhaps Joan and Esther had those low cut dresses on to distract the male players, and thus have more success at the table.  And perhaps Esther playing with her tits was her attempt to make sure I wouldn't be concentrating on the cards.

I guess I'll never know.


  1. You really are obsessed with breasts. I applaud you for at least being honset about it.

    Just so you know, a girl reaches into her bra to adjust herself for the same reason men dig at their groin. To adjust for comfort.

    I proudly fill a DD, I to am guilty of adjusting myself in public. Especially if I'm wearing something low cut. Natural breasts sometimes do what they want so we have to make sure they're making a good impression.

    For the record bras suck! Best part of my day was getting home and having Grrouchie unhook my bra. If you have a special lady in your life, unhook her bra once in a while then rub her back and shoulders. She'll love it!

    1. Thanks for the explanation, Carmel. Is it normal though for women to do this in public where total strangers can view her adjusting her own breasts? I mean I've seen women have bra-strip issues in public, but I don't recall anyone every digging into her bra as deeply as Esther did that night! She was really grabbing those puppies! And the were big puppies, too.