Sunday, December 25, 2011

Men are All Alike—Even When They're Dogs!

My friends took their annual Xmas trip to Vegas this year and tried something new; they brought their dogs with them.  They have two absolutely adorable, male, Maltese dogs, and when they heard that the Rio offers pet friendly accommodations, they decided to try that out.

In order to get from their room to the "dog relief" area, it is necessary to walk the dogs through the actual Rio casino.  The gamblers and tourists all fell in love with the cute pups, and the scantily clad cocktail waitresses did as well.  The waitresses are used to seeing pooches walk through the casino on the way to the doggie restroom.  Most of them who saw my friends' dogs asked if they could say hello, and the dogs loved greeting the sexy cocktail servers.

One time a comely waitress stopped them to say hello.  She asked if she could greet the doggies, and my friends said of course.  She was a well-built blonde with a thick accent; they asked and she hails from Peru (it probably helps this story to imagine her accent saying what I am about to report).

She bent down to meet the dogs.  The friendlier of the two dogs was eager to make a new friend and immediately rushed toward the lovely waitress.  Now, the Maltese breed is known for excessive licking; they love to lick people.  The dog greeted the waitress with his tongue.  And the juiciest, biggest, and most accessible part of the waitress's anatomy to lick was, well, the girl's more than ample cleavage, so that is indeed what he licked as soon as he reached the girl.   

The girl had no problem with this but did ask my friends, "Are these boy dogs or girl dogs?"

My friends told them that they were boy dogs.

"Oh," said the girl, "No wonder they wanted to lick my ta-ta's."

Here's a pic of the dog behing held by the waitress.  You will note that he is looking down the girl's top, just like any guy would!


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed. Afterward I asked the dog's brother (also a Maltese) if he was jealous of his brother's big score.

      He said not really, because he's an ass man.

    2. Rob, I haven't read this post in years, but the story is still excellent. I wonder if the waitress ever knew she made your blog! Cheers

    3. Thanks, Woody and thanks to Linus!

      I doubt the waitress knows about the post, but it would be funny if she did.