Friday, June 29, 2012

They Begged Me to Photograph Their Cleavage

Imagine a very succesful two hour poker session (tripling up) not being the most memorable part of an afternoon in the poker room.   Why not?  Well, can you imagine what it would be like for me, your humble correspondent—offtimes referred to as “titguy” by Josie the Assgrabber—to have three lovely, generously endowed ladies beg me to take a picture of their bosoms.  Seriously.

Lightning has already given a quick and dirty description of this scene here. And that is what especially great about this story.  Not only do I have physical evidence of the incident, but I have a witness!  A fellow blogger witness, at that. 
I had offered to join Lightning in his last poker session of this particular Vegas visit.  I volunteered to pick him up at his hotel, take him to BSC for some poker, and then drop him off at the airport for his return flight.  It was Lightning’s idea to play at BSC (my home turf, as he called it, as opposed to his home turf, Bally’s, where we had mostly played together since he got to town). I am very grateful to Lightning for this idea, as you’ll see why.
Before I go any further, I strongly suggest you refamiliarize yourself with my post here, where I described the time I saw one female poker player take a picture of another female poker player’s cleavage right in the middle of a poker tournament.  Yeah. That’s what I said.  Understandably, it is one of my popular posts ever.
The picture taker in that post was Jeanne and yes that’s her real name.  I have to abandon my normal practice of using pseudonyms for this post.  Although Jeanne was originally called “Maria” in the earlier post, she “outted herself” in her comment on the story.  Then she tweeted about that post—and my blog—and got me a bunch of new readers (for which I am ever grateful).  And it is Jeanne who is once again one of the stars of this current post.
And seeing as I am going to post a picture of Jeanne and her two “partners in crime”—both of whom, along with Jeanne, are well known in the Vegas poker community—it would be pointless to give the other two ladies fake names. Everyone will recognize them anyway.  Besides, Jeanne has already tweeted the picture below all over the twitterverse.  So those of you who hate the use of fake names on this blog, rejoice!
So, as Lightning and I entered the poker room, we noticed they were setting things up for some sort of Ladies poker tournament.  There was merchandise and advertising from PMS Wear and some where calling it the PMS poker tour (no joke from me is necessary), but I don’t think that was the name.  I believe it was actually the “Highheels Poker Tour” tour.  And the specific event was the Red Stilettos Team Event.
So, within minutes of getting seated, I noticed Jeanne.  She didn’t see me at first, but I made a point to tell Lightning that I noticed one of the featured players of a rather popular past post of mine.  But a few minutes later, Jeanne walked right by my table, accompanied by her two teammates for the tournament.  One of them was Suzie, who was actually the girl whose cleavage was in fact the subject of my earlier post.  Yes, the woman called “Kathy” in that original post is actual Suzie, who works at The Orleans and runs the Friday night tournament there (among other things).  That’s why every time I’ve mentioned The Orleans Friday night tournament, I’ve mentioned seeing “Kathy.” Of course!
The third lady was Judy, who I didn’t really recognize.  I don’t believe she was there at Binions the day Jeanne photographed Suzie’s cleavage.  She may have been the absent party who requested that Jeanne take such a picture.  But that is pure speculation on my part.  Perhaps Judy or Jeanne will confirm or unconfirm that.
Anyway, Jeanne recognized me and said, “Hi Rob.”  I said hello back. Then she added, pointing to Suzie and Judy, “We’re all here.”  I nodded and before I could say anything further, she shocked me by saying, “Don’t look at my boobs.”
I laughed nervously, but reminded her, “Hey, I wasn’t looking at your boobs. I was looking at you looking at someone else’s boobs.”  She agreed, “Oh that’s right, it was her boobs,” pointing to Suzie.  Then she tapped Suzie and somewhat introduce her to me. “This is the guy who did the blog about your cleavage.” That’s not an exact quote, but it was something along those lines.  Suzie said hello (or perhaps merely “oh”) but didn’t seem that interested in the topic, and returned to talking to whoever she was talking to at the moment.
Then Jeanne added, “You’ll probably write about this and get more followers because of it!”
Probably write about this?  Ya think?
I don’t think Lightning heard this, but I did inform him of it.  And pointed out how it was totally unsolicited on my part.  I also thought it was a bit odd because I have run into Jeanne several times since the Binions tournament and although she has mentioned my blog, she’s never so directly referenced her boobs—or anyone else’s.  In fact I saw her just a week or so earlier at the WSOP venue, and we briefly chatted and she did not ask that I not look at her boobs.  Apparently, it was Suzie’s presence that made her think of her boobs.  I’ll leave the readers to interpret that as they wish.
She also introduced me to Judy and I wished them all luck in the tournament.  I assumed that was the end of a story and that I had a quick little “woman said” story to blog about.  But there was more to come.
When it was time for Lightning and I to leave so I could drop him off at the airport, it happened to be during the break in the Ladies tournament.  As we were exiting the poker room, I noticed Jeanne, Suzie and Judy all together chatting.  I just waived to them, but Jeanne stopped me.
“It’s him”—or something like that—she said to her cohorts.  One of them, not sure which one, suggested I take their picture.  But not just a normal picture.  No, in unison, they pulled their shirts down to reveal as much cleavage as they could, given the structure of their shirts (and what they were wearing under them).  Ok, that was nice, but I assumed they were kidding about taking a picture.
But they were not.  “Hurry, hurry, the tournament’s about to start up again.  Hurry.”  What?  They really wanted me to take a picture of their cleavage? Seriously?  Seriously.  It is fair to say, they were begging me to take a picture of their semi-exposed bosoms.  Begging.
So having a reputation as a guy with a bosom obsession has its advantages (see also my two previous posts, below, talking about Josie posing similarly for me).
I fumbled for my cell phone, the only camera I had.  I took a first shot that didn’t come out, because it was dark and I didn’t have the flash out.  I fumbled to turn on the flash and all the while, the gals were pulling down their shirts and screaming, “hurry, hurry.”  There was also concern from them that in addition to their cleavage, I needed to get their tiaras in the pic.  Their team was called “The Diamond Divas” and the tiaras were part of their “uniform.”
So I took another pic and got the flash working.  You can see the picture for yourself right below (from left to right, Suzie, Judy, Jeanne).
I showed the picture to the women and they were all thrilled.  Yes thrilled.  Thrilled that I had just photographed their breasts.  And also that I managed to get at least one tiara in the pic. Now I have to make a very serious observation here.  Regular readers who know my blog, consider this. Think of all the content of this blog up until now.  Think of me and my reputation.  Think of having three crazy but lovely women asking, begging, demanding that I look at their cleavage (which they all three enhanced and exaggerated just for me), and then insisting, yes insisting, that I photograph said cleavage.
Got that?  Ok, now I normally avoid discussing religion on this blog, but if what I just described doesn’t prove the existence of God, I don’t know what possibly could.  Just saying.
Anyway, Jeanne gave me her card and asked that I send her the picture.  Of course I did.  And in fact, Jeanne has already blasted the picture above all over the twitterverse to all her followers.
Needless to say, it was just awesome that I had a witness for this whole adventure.  He was even more surprised than I was at what he had just seen.  We talked about it all the way to the airport.  He called me the “King of BSC” as he named the blog post.  He witnessed that I did nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, to encourage such behavior.  He can confirm that they ladies begged me to look at, and photograph their breasts.  Remember, the ladies are poker players, not nude models!
Lightning told me he would try to get a quick blog post up about this before I could by doing at the airport as he waited.  Which he did, as linked above.
But that’s not quite the end of the story.  I wasn’t sure I had Jeanne’s email address right, so when I returned to BSC later that evening, I caught her when she wasn’t playing but chatting with others. I asked if she got the picture.  She checked her email and found it.  She loved the picture.  Actually, for a second, she was worried that her nipple was showing, but then confirmed that the pic was indeed “family friendly.”  Hours later I discovered that she had tweeted it. 
I wanted to make sure that I got the name of their team right, so I ask her thru Twitter.  Her response was priceless.  “It was ‘Diamond Divas’ but after that pic we are renaming ourselves ‘Tits & Tiaras!!!’”
I thought I saw the three leave and figured they were long gone.  But I guess they went out for a nice dinner and returned to the poker room later that night.  They walked right by my table and said goodbye.  Judy was lamenting that there was only one tiara clearly visible in the pic.  I said that wasn’t exactly what I was concentrating on.  “Yeah, I know what you were concentrating on!”
Then Suzie said to Jeanne, “Oh, is this the man we showed our breasts to?”  Jeanne confirmed, so Suzie shook my hand and wished me good luck!
I not only have women begging me to look at their breasts, but thanking me and shaking my hand for doing so.  See comment earlier about the existence of God.
Anyway, there’s actually a great hand of poker I want to blog about that took place at this afternoon session that Lightning witnessed.  I alluded to it in the opening paragraph of this post.  But I’ll have to save that for another time, as this post is already getting long enough to bother certain people who will remain nameless. 
Many more blog posts about this Vegas trip to follow, to be sure.


  1. Next time I see you take a picture of my cleavage, I beg you !

    1. Thanks, Carmel. The fact is, I was merely practicing on them for you!

  2. "I took a first shot that didn’t come out, because it was dark and I didn’t have the flash out."

    'Unintentional' -- so that you could get a second shot and have them beg you even more? Well played, my friend, well played ...

    1. Heh, heh. Not as dumb as I look, huh? Too bad the tournament was just about to start,who knows what they next pic could have revealed!

  3. I agree with Lightning: You are amazing. I am quite certain that in my entire life I never had a group of women ASK me to take a picture of their boobs. Maybe blogs are the modern cyber version of "Spanish Fly" ! Cheers. Excellent blog post. Keep um coming.

    1. And the best thing is I did NOTHING to provoke it. I thought they were kidding. But who am I to argue?

  4. A fellow blogger witness, at that.

    I'm not sure that any blogger qualifies as a reliable witness being they are mostly degenerates.

    1. No, MOJO. you can trust him. He wasn't wearing his cap backwards when he witnessed this or typed up his blog post.

  5. Hmmmm my competitive nature makes me want to send you a risque pic but I'll resist the urge.

    1. Oh come on, Josie, you can't be such a TEASE. Once you say that you were thinking about doing that--and you say it public--you are obligated to come thru and send me the pic. Anything else is not playing fair.

      You know you can trust me. If you don't want me to post the pic, I will honor that request. can let me decide whether to run it or not. You can let me be your new bust-truster. After all, Jeanne, Suzie & Judy trusted me with their busts, so can you.

      But either know you have to send me the pic now.

    2. Lol of course I can be such a tease.

    3. WHORE!!!!!!

      In that case, Ms. Ass-Grabber , next time we meet, you better be prepared to finish what you started in the Mirage poker room last Saturday!

    4. Baby, YOU are the one who isn't prepared for that. You might think you are, but you're not.

    5. talk, talk talk

      tease, tease, tease

      If that's meant to be a challenge, game on, baby.

  6. "But either know you have to send me the pic now'

    I am reminded of a Rolling Stones album ... Sticky Fingers ...

    1. My fingers weren't sticky at that particular moment.

    2. Well, if not before, for sure they were after you gave me that prostate exam.

  7. Think I'm gonna be sick again ...

    1. Is that a reference to Josie giving me the prostate exam, Lightning?