Sunday, February 9, 2014

Middle Aged Women Checking Out The Side Boob

I've long held that women are more obsessed with breasts than men are (see here).  And last night I saw the proof.

While observing The Slut Parade, (for purely scientific purposes, you understand), there was a woman who was attracting more than her fair of attention.

She was exposing more side boob than I've ever seen before, at least by a woman who was, by at least Vegas standards, adequately dressed.  

She was blonde and not really one of the most attractive women waiting to get into the club.  Clearing by calling attention to her chest she was emphasizing her best assets, although I strongly believe said assets were paid for and not one of nature's miracles.

The front of her dress was totally cleavage free; it was cut up to her neck.  You had to look at her from the side to see her breasts, and from the side there was plenty, and I do mean plenty, to see.  From either side, she was exposing more mammary gland than your average topless women exposes.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about this side boob sighting was not the woman, oddly enough.  It was the crowd that she was attracting watching her.  

There were at least a dozen people I noticed at various times just stopped dead in their tracks staring at her from the side.  

Twice I noticed middle-aged, (presumably) married couples just staring at her, almost pointing, and discussing among themselves the blonde lady.

In both cases, the women were staring more intently than their husbands were.  

The funniest moment came when one of the husbands turned and headed toward the exit.  His wife did not budge, she was transfixed by the lady and her side boob.  Apparently had not noticed that her husband had seen enough.  A few seconds later she turned to say something to her husband, and was shocked to see that he had moved on.

She started to go after him, but not before she turned back and got one last really good look at the side boob.

The woman depicted below has smaller breasts and is exposing less side boob than the woman I saw last night.

Women are obsessed with breasts.


  1. Brevity is appreciated, but more pictures of the subject matter would be ideal.

    1. So you prefer pictures to words, huh? It's a sad commentary on our educational system.

  2. If you have even elementary tennis skills I would suggest inviting a women such as this to play tennis with you and see if you get lucky!

    1. Interesting thought, Lester, thanks.

      However, I can guarantee you one thing...this woman could not possibly have any kind of a backhand.

  3. Mods - Ban this guy for constantly starting boob posts with no pix of the subjects.

    Oh, it's his blog...

    Ban yourself.

    1. I give the best facsimiles I can find Anony. To try to take pictures of the actual women would get me punched, slapped or, kicked out of the casinos. Then I wouldn't get more stories to tell.

      But I appreciate your concerns.

  4. Rob, I request a detailed Rob blog regarding the cocktail waitress outfits at the Vegas casinos. The world needs to know this information. Please start taking notes immediately. Woody

    1. I dunno Woody, someone might think I was being judgmental. Or even creepy.