Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Chat With Planet Hollywood’s Chris Gawlik

My latest Ante Up column is online and can be found here.

Coming, or already at, a poker room near you.


  1. Nice article. I like the PH poker room, and I played in a few of those PH tournaments during the series.

    1. Thanks, Dave....I do recall that you mentioned playing in the PH tourneys when we met at the TBC Invitational.

      Chris is a really nice guy.

      BTW, Dave, if you want to read about what happened to me last time (I think it was the last time) I played at PH, you can find that here:

  2. Just a head's up: Coming to LA this week. Go ahead as tweet where you're playing this weekend.

    1. Will do, Alysia, but I don't play every weekend when I'm here. Last weekend, I was under the weather and didn't get out. Not sure what my plans are for the weekend.

    2. b afraid b very afraid. u r fragile now with UCLA losing,Dodgers maybe to b elimnated 0-0 bot of the 4th, and now a cast of the show Baywatch is drivng an ice cream truck. WTF??

    3. I have no idea what the Baywatch reference is all about.

  3. How would you play the flop on this hand?

    1-3 No Limit Holdem

    Hero - KK with no diamonds- $200 stack- small blind
    Villain - ?? - $300 dollar stack - older man - regular - semi tight - tricky

    Hero posts small blind posts
    Villain posts big blind
    guy A bets $12
    guy B calls $12
    guy C calls $12
    Hero on small blind raises to $60
    Villain in big blind calls $60
    Everyone else's folds

    FLOP - K72 - two diamonds on the flop

    What should hero do here?

    1. Considering stack sizes, I don't see any other option than to shove. You've got the nuts, I don't think you want to give a free card to the draw, so what else can you bet? You have $140 and the pot is over $150.

    2. And BTW, Nappy, with that size three-bet and your remaining stack, I think you're pretty much committed to shoving any flop that doesn't have an Ace. If the high card is a Jack and not a King, I think you're shoving there too.

    3. Thanks for your replies.

      Normally I would shove any flop that does not have a Ace. But seeing that I flopped trip kings. I decided to mix it up a little. Now I am not too worried if a Ace pops up on the turn.

      I did not want to give a totally free card because of the flush draw but I would not mind a call from him or him shoving.

      So I bet $40 which I thought would make me look weak and was hoping he would shove for that reason but he just folded instead.

      I was wondering after the hand, if I checked the flop, then maybe he would shove and I could call and make a nice double up but I hate giving free cards if there is a flush draw on the board.

      If he would have called the flop, I most likely would shove the rest on the turn.

      I just wish I would have made more in that situation. I was surprised he folded to my $40 bet on the flop after calling $60 pre-flop.

    4. So if he didn't bite on your $40 bet, he's probably not betting or calling anything. Maybe he had Ace-Queen and no diamonds. If he had anything, for that price, he calls the $40 unless he KNEW you flopped a set of Kings. Tough to not win more but I don't think anything you could have done would have made a difference.

      Maybe if you check and check the turn he bets the turn....but what do you do if the turn as another diamond?