Sunday, November 2, 2014

Attention Fans of Fantasy Sports

This is an absolutely 100% free plug.  A couple of my buddies---Josh & "Fantasy Moses"-- do great Fantasy Sports Podcasts.  Who are these guys?  Well, let's just say if you guessed that they have appeared here on the blog under blog pseudonyms, you'd probably be correct.

These guys are real experts and if you're into fantasy sports, you should listen to every episode. They offer freerolls too.  Check them out.  The basketball site is here and the football site is here.  They are also on twitter (here).

Why am I mentioning them now?  Well, in their latest basketball podcast, they happen to mention yours truly.  You see they offer more than just expert fantasy advice.  They offer a lot of fun facts, dating advice, humor and inside celebrity info.  And in the prior episode, they offered a question to their listeners that I happened to know the answer to.

You see, they were befuddled by the picture that Jeanie Buss, one of the owners of the Los Angeles Lakers, uses on her Twitter account.  That picture is the one below.

 Of course, I knew the answer to where that pic came from, because I am an absolute expert on two specific subjects: The Lakers...and breasts.

Here's a link to the podcast that supplies the answer.  My "appearance" starts at around 7:20 in.  The previous podcast is the one where they posed the question, you can check that out as well.

I would recommend this guys even if they didn't mention me.  But it helps.  Enjoy.


  1. is this another guest post??? soooooooo short. what r the qualifications to b an expert of fantasy sports??? bcuz P3 is a expert he has been killing it on Fanduel p.s. jeannie buss is AWESOME

    1. Heh. My last full day in Vegas so I banged out a short post.

      Let's here P3's fantasy podcast and we can compare.

      Yes, Jeanie not only looks great--still--but she should be running the Lakers instead of her idiot brother.

  2. Just curious.. do your buddies participate in the nfl #supercontest hosted by lvh.. well, it's the Westgate hotel now.

    1. Sorry, dkh, I have no idea if they participate in that contest.