Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's Been Crazy Here


Been in Vegas for a week and I’ve barely had time to breathe.

Just been going non-stop, leaving no time for any blogging.  Sadly, I came to Vegas with no reserve blog posts in the bank, which is bitterly disappointing considering I was away nearly two months—a long time for me—and I thus should have had time to bank a few posts.  But even though I spent most evenings hunched over my desktop at home, I wasn’t able to leave town with anything in reserve.

And it’s been one thing after another pretty much non-stop since I entered Clark County.

Wednesday I drove in, unpacked a shitload of stuff I’d brought for the long stay here, did some food shopping for the stay, and squeezed in a quick cash session at the MGM.

Thursday there were two activities on the agenda, I already wrote about the Ante Up Mixed Games at the Mirage (see here).  Before that, I checked out the WSOP for the first time and ducked in quickly to a get-together hosted by the good folks at Red Chip Poker.  I couldn’t stay long, but I did get to meet Ed Miller, James“Splitsuit” Sweeney and Doug Hull very briefly.  I probably met a few other folks too.  They are great guys and check out my post here for more info on how they can help your poker game.

Friday was the day I played in Colossus.  Because they moved the starting time to 7PM and thus the ending time of my flight to 3:30AM, instead of working Friday afternoon, I slept and rested during the day so I would be alert for the session.  Sadly, I only needed to be alert until a little after 11PM.

Saturday was the day I discovered Vegas poker was broken by the Colossus, with massive waiting lists for cash games everywhere on the Strip.  Because of my Colossus experience, I had foolishly decided not to play a tournament that day, only to discover the difficulty of getting into a cash game.  Somehow, I managed to get into a game at MGM, and once there, didn’t dare leave, so I played a marathon 9+ hours session.  Full details forthcoming, but the session featured two interesting hands with pocket Aces, one good, one not.  And I believe my Kings held up both times.

Sunday I visited downtown just to see how every damn poker room in town was packed, including Golden Nugget and Binion’s.  I would have played Binion’s event, except that I had forgotten it was Omaha, not NLH.  So I just checked it out, checked out the Ante Up Tour at the Nugget.  Both of these events had huge crowds, as did every event everywhere in town.  It’s hard for me to believe that every single person on the planet who has ever played a hand of poker wasn’t in Vegas this past weekend.

After that, I went to dinner with Lightning and had a nice poker session with him.  Again, details to follow but I had a really great “Ed Miller” hand where I cracked some poor slob’s dreaded pocket Kings.  I only wish I had taken a picture of the look on the guy’s face.

I believe this was the night I met Mr. Subliminal.  He is a really nice guy, especially considering the guy lives in a box under a bridge.  He didn’t play though—I believe he was about to work the Strip to try to hustle up a buy-in.

Monday I actually got some work done before dinner with Alysia, Michelle, and Lightning.  I probably can’t report much on our dinner conversation because it was too XXX-rated.  I tell you, the mouths on those ladies!  After dinner, Lightning and I had a brief cash session at MGM.

Tuesday was work and then a dinner with some PokerAtlas colleagues at the Orleans.  After that, a brief session at MGM, that I barely stayed awake for.

I’m probably gonna play in a tournament before the week is up, although there are so many good ones to choose from, it’s hard to decide which to actually play.

I’m hoping that next week I’ll have a chance to exhale, but until then, I’m going to be vamping here just to keep some fresh (or freshish) content here.

The pics below are of a t-shirt that my pals LuvMalts and Woody—the friends responsible for this blog getting going—gave me for my birthday.  I wore this to the dinner with AC, Michelle and Lightning.  I wish I had thought of having one of them take a pic of me wearing it, I only thought of it after I got home.  So I took two pics of the shirt with no one wearing it.  Hope you can get the gist of it.  While walking thru MGM, a group of young guys and gals who were walking behind us passed us and complimented the shirt.  Yeah, I agree, it’s pretty cool. The small logo is on the front, and the big pic is on the back.  (Damn, doesn't look like the pics came out too well, sorry.  If you can't read it, the dialog is "It's good to be King."

Sorry, but this is just a teaser post until I can get some time to do a fully detailed, Rob-sized post that you all demand.


  1. Sounds like insanely crazy. Have fun. Can't wait until I'm there.

    1. Thanks, MOJO...when are you here. Remember, you promised to buy me a nice dinner!

      (Let's see if I can pull off that bluff against such a great poker player).

    2. Freid Oreos/Twinkies and Sliders r an AWESOME dinner imo

    3. Yes....a balanced meal.

  2. " It’s hard for me to believe that every single person on the planet who has ever played a hand of poker wasn’t in Vegas this past weekend."

    Thanks for rubbing in the fact that I WASN'T THERE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Always a crazy and fun week to be in LV. Couldn't make it this year. Enjoy and "may all your pots be monsters!".

    1. Thanks! Maybe you'll make it for next year's Colossus?

  4. Glad to see the shirt are the king! As long as they aren't pocket kings ... hehe

    Love the blog.

    1. Thanks, LM, and thanks again for the shirt.