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Las Vegas Poker Room Football Promos (Oct. Ante Up Column)

My latest column for Ante Up is online and can be found here.  But WAIT....if you don't usually read my columns (probably because I never have pics of boobies in them), you might want to read this one.  At least if you're in Vegas, or are planning to head to Vegas before the year is out, you should definitely read it.

The main thrust of this column is to give an overview of what NFL promos the Vegas rooms are offering this year.  So you may want to bookmark this for your next trip.

Also...there's bonus material.  Of course, some of the rooms didn't get me their info on their promos before the deadline last month.  So I've included that material at the end, which is not included either online at the Ante Up site or in the magazine you'll find in your neighborhood poker room soon. (Of course, I'll be including that in my next column, but as a regular reader of my blog, you get it first--see, your reward for visiting this corner of the blogosphere regulary).

Remember, my column in the mag and at the Ante Up site is embedded into the entire West Coast report.

The football season is upon us and that means great football promos in the Las Vegas poker rooms. Here’s a look at what’s available:
MANDALAY BAY: High hand of the quarter for morning and evening games on Sunday, plus Monday and Thursday night games earn $100, but that rolls over if a qualifying hand isn’t hit. The minimum hand is jacks full.
STRATOSPHERE: Football squares run for three games on Sunday and a flush or better gets a square. Each quarter’s square gets $100. Unclaimed prizes for each quarter are rolled over to the next week with a maximum roll over amount of $500.
TREASURE ISLAND: For every 10 hours of live play in a week, players get an entry into the Pro Football Pick’em contest. Players pick winners in the week’s slate of games and the top three players with the most correct picks get $500, $300 and $200. The player with the most picks at season’s end gets an additional $2K, runner-up gets $1K and third through 12th place gets $500 each.
SANTA FE STATION: Football squares for morning and night games on Sunday, plus Monday and Thursday night games are worth $50 and will roll over if unclaimed. Aces full gets one square, straight flush gets two squares and a royal gets three squares.
PALACE STATION: Football squares for the Sunday morning game and the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night game earn $50 for the first three quarters and the final score is $100. Money rolls over if the winner is not present. Players get squares for 10s full or better. An interesting twist is that players also get a square for winning a showdown with 7-2 off suit.
CLUB FORTUNE: Any full house beginning on Mondays earns a football square to the Sunday night game. The prizes are $50 for the first quarter, $75 for the second, $100 for the third and $200 for the final score.
LUXOR: Players get raffle tickets at the start of each Sunday, Monday and Thursday night game and get another ticket at the beginning of each subsequent quarter.
Players can earn a ticket for each half-hour of live play before game time. Tickets are drawn at the end of every quarter and are worth $25. Tickets are drawn after each score: $50 for a field goal, $100 for a TD and $400 for a safety. Players who win the drawings earn multipliers for the high hand of the hour Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (9-1 p.m.).
SUNCOAST: Three Sunday games as well as the Monday and Thursday night games have football squares. All quarters are worth $50 and roll over if unclaimed.
Players earn squares for getting an ace-high flush or better in a cash game or for cashing in a daily tournament. Double squares are awarded from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. and for playing $4-$8 limit or any NLHE game.
RED ROCK: Cash drawings are for Sunday morning and evening games, plus Monday and Thursday night games. After every touchdown, a random player is awarded $100 ($150 for the Monday night game) and two tables are selected for $50 splash pots. Field goals are worth $50 and $25.
ORLEANS: Sunday morning and evening games have random-seat drawings and splash pots ($50 for a field goal, $100 for a TD, $200 for a safety or a TD by the defense or special teams). Same amounts are splashed at the table of the winning player. Monday and Thursday games pay $300 for the highest hands of each quarter (ace-high flush or better). Up to three hands split the $300.
SAM’S TOWN: Monday’s game has squares, $75 for each quarter with a $25 bonus for players active in a cash game at the time. Qualifying hands start out at kings full or better and decrease daily.
GREEN VALLEY: For Sunday afternoon and evening games, players who flop quads or straight flushes win prizes between $250 and $1K.
FLAMINGO: Three Sunday games will have random drawings, $50 for a field goal, $100 for a TD and two $100 winners for a safety.
SOUTH POINT: There are football squares for Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games as aces full qualify. The first three quarters are worth $50 and the final score wins $100. The Sunday game of the week will have cash drawings, $50 for a field goal, $100 for a TD and $200 for a safety.
PLANET HOLLYWOOD: For three games Sunday as well as Monday and Thursday night games, look for splash pots for tables randomly selected for each field goal ($25) and TD ($50). Safeties and special teams scores will earn every table a $25 splash pot. All splash pot values double in overtime.
MGM:  Random seats selected for cash drawings after every score during Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games.  Prizes vary between $100 and $500.

MONTE CARLO: Highest hand of the quarter receives cash during Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games. The 1st quarter is worth $50, the 2nd quarter is $100, $150 for the 3rd quarter and $200 for the 4th quarter.

EXCALIBUR:   For Monday Night game: players earn one raffle ticket each hour on the hour beginning 4 hours prior to kick-off. Two tickets drawn at halftime $50 each; one ticket drawn at 9pm for $50 and one ticket drawn at 10pm for $100. Also, all active players in a cash game are eligible to have their seat drawn every time there is a completed score in the game. Field goal $50; Touchdown $100; Safety $200 

BOULDER STATION:  Players earn football squares for full houses in Omaha and NLHE.  The squares are worth $50 each for the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games.
OTHER NEWS: The Linq reopened its poker room, which had closed in January. The new location of the four-table room is at the front of the property, practically on the Strip.
Carrie Jacobs, long-time supervisor of the old room, is manager. The main cash game is a $1-$1 NLHE with a $50-$300 min-max. It also offers a $1-$3 game with a $100 min and no cap. On busier nights, a $1-$1 PLO game spreads ($50-$300). High-hand bonuses are offered. Four $45 tournaments are offered daily (11 a.m., 3 p.m., 8 and 11). Players start with 5K chips and levels are 15 minutes.
The World Series of Poker Circuit returns to Planet Hollywood on Nov. 12-23. The $1,675 main event offers a $1.5M guarantee and starts Nov. 20. Two charity events are part of series. The Jennifer Harman celebrity event for the Nevada SPCA is Nov. 14. The next day, Patrick Schwarzenegger hosts the All-In for Best Buddies event. A $250 dealer’s choice non-ring two-day tournament starts Nov. 17. A two-day, $3,250 buy-in high roller is Nov. 22.
The Wynn Fall Classic runs Oct. 15-25. All the events are NLHE, including a $600 seniors event that opens the series and offers a $50K guarantee. The $1,600 championship begins Oct. 23 and has a $300K guarantee.


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