Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Quads Again!

This post is for all of you who like to complain that my posts are too long.

This session took place the night after the one I described here did—that was the session where I got quad 4's but due to bad timing I didn't get any high hand bonus for it.  You'll see why  I mention that previous session in a minute.

This time the venue was Planet Hollywood. If it seems like I played Planet Hollywood a lot this most recent trip, well, it's because it was the poker room where I did the best.  My success rate at PH was just a lot higher than anywhere else, so of course I kept going back there.

My very first hand I called $12 with Ace-Queen of diamonds, it was three-ways.  The flop was low and it checked around.  There was a low turn card and again it checked around.  The river put a pair of 6's on the board, still all low cards.  This time the preflop raiser bet $20.  The other player folded.  I thought about it and figured if he had a pair on the flop or the turn he likely would have bet by now.  It felt like his bet was just a bluff. My Ace-high just might be the best hand.  So I called and yeah, as soon as I did he said, "Queen-high."  My Ace was good.

Then I got pocket 5's in the small blind and called $8.  Three of us saw a flop of 9-5-4. The preflop raiser bet $10 and I decided to slow play it so I just called.  I was hoping the other guy would come along but he folded.  The turn was another 5, so that changed my plans.  Instead of betting, I checked and just called his $20 bet.  The river was a Jack and didn't change anything.  Now here I'm not really sure what to do.  If I knew he'd bet again, I'd check and then check-raise.  But I couldn't be sure he'd bet, and I'd feel like a jerk if I didn't at least try to get some more chips from him.  So I bet $40.  Unfortunately he folded.

But I knew there'd be a high hand bonus for the quads, so I flipped my hand over.  I got $50, and they also do a splash pot at the table immediately after someone gets a high hand payout.  Our next hand had $25 splashed on it by the house.  But whoever won that pot, it wasn't me.

How about that?  I'd gone a long time without getting quads and now I had just caught them in consecutive sessions.  Pretty sure I'd never done that before.  And this time I actually qualified for the high hand bonus!

I limped in with Ace-2 of clubs and it was four-ways.  I flopped the flush draw and called $10 and it was heads up.  I didn't note what the cards on the board were but on the turn, I missed the flush but picked up a gutshot to Broadway.  I called his $25 bet.  The river was the Jack of clubs, giving me the nut flush but also pairing the board.  He shoved his last $50 or so.  I called.  He had King-Queen for two pair (or actually, three pair, including the Jacks on the board).  My flush was good. 

Those were the only three hands I won all night, but it was good enough for a $165 profit (including the bonus for the quads).


  1. Wow - very nice "short" post, Rob. I am proud of you. And I must admit, that is a very appealing splash photo. As I watched Molly's Game the other night and saw lots of cleavage, there was only one person who came to mind ... : o )

    1. So Jessica Chastain reminds you of me, huh? That's a terrible insult....to her.