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Vegas Football Promos -- October Ante Up Column

Here's my latest column for Ante Up, which features the Vegas football promos.  As side note, each year I do this it seems like fewer and fewer rooms are doing football promos.  For whatever that's worth.  The link to find my column on the Ante Up site is here.  Remember I only write the Vegas portion of that post.

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The NFL season is under way and many of the poker rooms around town have promos to encourage poker players to watch the games in their rooms. Here’s what is available.
ORLEANS: For Sunday morning and evening NFL games, seat drawings are held after every score. Field goals and two-point conversions are worth $25, touchdowns by the offense are worth $50 and TDs by the defense or special teams pay $75. Safeties are $75. There will also be a $25 splash pot after any score.
For the Monday and Thursday night games, the promo is Escalating High Hands of the Quarter. The best three hands of each quarter are awarded prizes: $100 for first, $50 for second and $25 for third.
An additional $25 is added to each prize for every field goal, TD or safety scored during the quarter. There are separate jackpots for hold’em and Omaha, same prize amounts for each game.
WESTGATE: Football squares run for three games Sunday as well as the Monday and Thursday night games. Players need a flush or better to earn a square and the payout is $50 for each quarter. There’s a high hand of the quarter worth $50.
SAM’S TOWN:  There are football squares for the Sunday morning game, as well as the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games. The payout is $50 for each quarter. A flush or better is needed for a square.
STRATOSPHERE: For three games Sunday, and the Monday and Thursday night games, the high hand of each quarter wins $50.
MGM: The promo revolves around high hands and leads to a $25K invitational in January. On gamedays, the best hand of each 15-minute period will receive a cash prize, the size of which depends on how many cash games the room has going at the time.
If it’s seven or fewer, it’s $50; if it’s eight of more, the prize is $100. The best hand of each gameday earns an entry into the Invitational. The promo runs Mondays and Thursdays 4-midnight and Sundays 9-9 p.m. The promo will run during the playoffs, times to be determined.
The Invitational will be Jan. 26. Every qualifying player who registers for it will receive $200 and the winner of the tournament, which will be using a shootout format, gets $5K.
MANDALAY BAY: During the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games, between 5-9, high hands hit are worth an extra $100. High hands start at jacks full or better. The regular payouts for high hands are $500 for royals, $300 for straight flushes, $100 for quads and $50 for jacks full or better, so the $100 bonus is on top of that.
SOUTH POINT: During NFL games, a random player in a cash game will be selected for a cash prize after every score. It’s $50 for a field goal, $100 for a TD and $200 for a safety. 
The promo runs during the Sunday morning, afternoon and evening games, as well as the Monday and Thursday night games.
Additionally, for the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games, a player will be selected at the beginning and the end of each game and will choose a prize. 
These winners will receive a football square for the Super Bowl, where the payout will be $2,500 for each quarter and $5K for the final score.
MIRAGE: High hand of the quarter is paid for three Sunday games as well as the Monday and Thursday night games. The first quarter pays $75, second quarter is $125, third quarter is $150, fourth quarter is $200 and overtime is $100.
When the Raiders are playing, there will be splash pots every time they score: $50 for a TD, $25 for a field goal and $100 for a safety.
PLANET HOLLYWOOD: The new promotion is super jackpots. Every day, for a different eight-hour period, high hands get the super-jackpot payout. Royal flushes pay $5K between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m.
Straight flushes pay $2K between noon and 8 p.m. Quads pay $500 between 4 a.m. and noon. The rest of the day, royals are worth $500, straight flushes are $200 and quads pay $100.
Additionally, there’s a royal-flush room-share bonus, which runs 24-7.
Any time a player gets a royal, every active player in a live game receives a payout, the amount depends on how long it’s been since a royal was last dealt in the room. It’s a sliding scale that starts at $25 and increases a maximum of $500 if it’s been at least 15 days since the room has seen a royal.
VENETIAN: The $225K Lucky Shot series and drawing runs Oct. 21-27. It’s a combination of a tournament series and promotional drawing. Each tournament has a fixed prize pool, regardless of the number of entrants. On the last day of the series, a drawing will be pay cash. 
Players earn one drawing ticket for every $250 in tournament entries they make. On Oct. 27, the first 21 tickets drawn will pay $2K. The last ticket drawn will be the grand-prize winner and that player will receive $10K.
The main tournament is a $250 event with six starting flights beginning Oct. 21.
Players start with a 25K stack and play 30-minute levels on Day 1, 40-minute levels on Day 2. The prize pool will be $150K. A maximum of 81 places will be paid.
The evening events include two $125 superstack tournaments with a $4K fixed prize pool, a $200 bounty tournament with a $9K prize pool and a $125 bounty tournament with a $6K prize pool.

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