Sunday, June 5, 2022

Will I Ever Publish Another Blog Post?

Well, the question answers itself, doesn't it?  If you are reading this, the answer is decidedly yes!

OK, so I guess what I mean then, is this my last blog post?  Will I ever publish another blog post after this one?  

I think so. I intend to, anyway. Maybe another one very soon.  

I just noticed that my last post was published in November of last year.  November!  Long time, no blog!  

My productivity was already waning even before the initial lockdown hit, and after that, well, the lockdown took away my will to live write. And my material. Even though I have some posts "mentally" written, forcing myself to get in front of a keyboard has been exceedingly difficult.  Plus, I've been busy, mostly with personal stuff that I can't talk about but also with things like taxes and Vegas trips.  

Did I say Vegas trips?

I did, I did.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you might not know that I have been to Vegas twice since Mid-April.  Yes, twice.  If I can shake off the writer's block, I should be able to crank out a few posts about those trips, now, shouldn't I?

Yes, I should.  Perhaps of equal note, remember that poker room out in Ventura that I was my go-to room for many years when I was home in L.A.?  Well, I was sure it was never going to re-open, but somehow it did!  Back in February in fact.  And I've been to it several times and although none of the game reports were that exciting, I certainly feel that I owe your folks a review of the new location   So there's that.

And I have a doozy of a story that only tangentially relates to Vegas, about what I went thru to get a credit card that I wanted to have in my wallet before my most recent Vegas visit.  I estimate that it will roughly be an 87-part post, so decide for yourself if you really want me to shake the writer's block.

So I do have some material.  It's just a matter of forcing myself to write it up.  Fortunately my pal Don came up with a series of text messages about the hell he recently went through trying to escape the parking structure of a major Vegas casino/resort, and even before I asked if I could run them as a guest blog post (which I was about to do), he volunteered to have them published in this here blog.

So I at least have one, mostly pre-written post that I can get up fairly quickly.

Hopefully more after that.

So, as I used to say whenever I ran a mult-part blog post, stay tuned.

And so.....if I get back to writing regularly, maybe I will be comfortable enough writing that I won't have to rely on the crutch of using the word "so" so many damn times in a post.

To finish this off, here's a pic of the kind I know my readers always used to look forward when I published regularly.  In fact, I'm quite sure that pics like these are the main reason you all miss my blog.  Enjoy!