Monday, June 12, 2023

Emily, Are You Out There?

Emily, this is for you.

This is not a blog post, it is a blog tease.

I want to make sure I blog about the fantastic session at MGM I had Thursday night, the highlight of which was not hitting quad Aces on the river for the resuck out on the guy who sucked out on my set of Aces with a turned straight.  

No, the highlight was meeting Emily, the totally delightful lass from the U.K. that I played with that night.  BTW, it was her husband that hit the straight against my set of Aces.  I hope I remember all the fun things we talked about.  I know I won't forget about the quad 6's she hit that came out of nowhere.

By posting this tease, I know I am obligating myself to tell the whole story, in minute detail. Please hang in there while I find the time to give the story the Robvegaspoker treament.

And dammit, last night, I was too tired from a 9-hour tournament I played on Saturday (and cashed in!) to continue on, so Lightning went on to MGM without me.  And apparently ran into Emily there again!  In fact, he sent me a pic of Emily and him together.  I would post that pic here, but it would be unfair to steal Lightning's thunder, I assume he will post it in his blog before I get the chance to write up my 87-part blog post recording that night's festivities. Also, I don't have permission from Emily to post it, though I am sure she would love having it posted.

Emily, I am sorry I missed you last night.  If you see this before Friday, please let me know where you will be playing on any night this week.  You can email me with the address posted here, or just leave a comment.  All my comments have to be approved by me, so if you don't want it public, let me know and I won't post it.

I hope I see you again, Emily!

Note: The picture below is not of the Emily I played poker with!


Lightning has published his report on that great night at MGM.  Obviously, I'll have more to say when I get a chance to write up my report but for your first introduction to this night and the charming Emily, check out his post here.


  1. Hi Rob! Its Emily!! I loved reading this blog tease! It was an honour to meet you! We are unsure at the moment where we will be playing over the next few days, we are still in Vegas until Sunday, I will drop you a comment on here or an email if we get a bit more of a structure to the remainder of our trip. I think I will find myself on cash at MGM around 6.30pm today as my husband is going to play the omaha tournament! Hope to bump into you again before we leave

    1. Great seeing you again tonight, albeit for a short session. Hope to see you again, although part of me is tempted to race back home tomorrow to get started on that blog post(s).

  2. OMG, I heard from Emily. Hello Emily! You didn't say not to post your comment but I decided not to for the time being, I will post it after tonite. It's just that I have so many readers in Vegas (hah!) I was afraid the room you will be at will be overwhelmed with players dying to meet you based on my description. Can't have that, we both need to be able to get in a game. My close pals can DM or text me for info about where I'll be tonite.

    But you can count on me being where you said you will be tonight! See you then.

  3. "No, the highlight was meeting Emily."
    One would think that you would take better care of editing your blog posts. Let me do it for you. You can just cut and paste.
    "No, the highlight was seeing lightning."
    Much better. 😃

    1. Whatever issues you have, my friend, low self-esteem is definitely not one of them.

  4. Some Las Vegas trips are just better than others. Sometimes the poker largely sucks. New blog post published: "Las Vegas Trip Report June 5-12, 2023: Part 2" at Come share in my misery.

  5. Nice to see you playing poker again. Would hate for you to have to change your twitter name, and blog name! Hope yoir sessions go well, good luck and run good!

    Nick (Cokeboy99)

    1. Thanks, Nick. I've actually been playing poker since the state reopened, albeit not as much as I had in the past. I just haven't been blogging about it. But I have a few posts from this most recent Vegas trip that I'm definitely going to publish. Just give me some time.