Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fish Story

My last night in town, playing at BSC.  I look up and see the electronic waiting list and notice the first name for the 2/4 game is "Fish."  I mention this to the table; everyone cracks up.  In case you didn't know, "fish" is a poker term for a very bad player, the kind of player you want in your game, the type of player from whom it is easy to extract money.

This reminded me of another great name I've seen/heard on the wait list at BSC.  One trip, for several nights in a row there was a name "ESP" on the board.  Every time I heard them page "ESP"--always pronounced as three letters, never was it attempted to be prounced as a word--I would comment that I really wouldn't want to play poker with a player who has E.S.P.

So I mentioned this at the table I was at on this night.  Rita was dealing.  She is old enough to be a grandmother.  I know this because she has grandchildren (or at least one).. Rita said, "Well, I'd rather play poker with a player who had E.S.P. than a player who had PMS."

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