Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still in Vegas

Still in Vegas, today is my last day.  I lost a full day of poker staying in my room due to a seriously upset stomach, which I think was just a reaction to trying to increasing the dosage of a certain medication I take.  Never left the hotel, or bet a dime, on Monday.  Despite that, there are many stories to blog about when I get back, too busy having fun getting the stories to write about them now, but here's a hint....pocket kings are involved in some of them.  Also, losing to a straight flush.  So far, despite all the fun adventures, there hasn't been anything on the level of the evening with Prudence, the post about which is by far and away the most popular entry on my blog. (Do you think the fact that I put the word naked in the title has anything to do with that?  Just asking)

And I still have things to report from my December visit, and plenty of older stories to relate, so keep checking back.


  1. no the reason that was the most popular blog of urs was cause i included a link to ur blog in my blog.

  2. Yes, and thanks again for the plug, Tony. Really appreciate it.

  3. Man ... Tony's ego is starting to get almost as big as Josie's. lol