Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Over at grrouchie's blog there is a very special guest post. That guest post is by yours truly.

Grrouchie's blog is outstanding, and you should read it regularly, if for no other reason than to make my blog look more respectable.

Why did grrouchie ask yours truly to do a guest post on his blog when he's perfectly capable of offending people without any help from me? Well, he had this crazy idea to do a month of "alphabetical" blogs, where each blog in succession would be dedicated to a letter of the alphabet. Fearing that he might not actually know all 29 letters of the alphabet, he asked his fellow bloggers if they would like to volunteer to do certan letters. I of course, volunteered to do letter "T" for no particular reason (heh heh). Unfortunately, the grrouch is so busy these days he had to at least temporarily abandon the alphabetical project soon after the first one, which was April Fools for "A", but I had already started working on my guest post. So he promised to post my guest post anyway, and justify it however his fertile mind can.

Since it is no longer part of the alphabetical project, why didn't I just post my epistle here, on my very own blog, I hear you asking? Well, the reason is simple. As he states right on his blog's masthead, his is a "a real man's blog." And since he insisted I do a post about, you'll pardon the expression, tits, I just don't feel it is appropriate for this blog.

This blog is much too classy to ever discuss female body parts. I would never do that. Never, never, never, never, never. So I had no choice but to farm out such a controversial topic to the grrouchie one, while I keep this particular blog pure and only discuss the finer things in life, like losing with pocket kings, how to order sandwichs at your local Subway, or how to win poker tournaments. But never would I discuss tits on this blog.

So, check out my guest post at grrouchie's blog here. I hope my regular readers won't be too shocked at my never before revealed interest in this controversail topic. Please feel free to leave a comment, either on grrouchie's blog or right here, below the picture of Cybill Shepherd, Cybill Sheperd's cleavage, and Bruce Willis, all of whom of course starred in the wonderful old TV series, Moonlighting. Or, if you really want to make us both happy, you can comment in both places.

Still here? OK, once again the link for my special guest post about tits is here:

Well, it appears that grrouchie's computer and my computer don't speak too each other too well.  Unlike tits, my post on his blog is not very easy on the eyes.  Formatting issue. So I have posted my post on a separate page here so that you might find it easier to read, with improved formatting. Still, this is to be considered a post on grrouchie's blog, not mine.


  1. I talk about my tits all the time! Best things ever ;)

    1. Carmel--and believe me, I mean this as a compliment--you are no ordinary woman.