Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rita's Rack

The word "rack" has multiple meanings in a Vegas casino.  It can refer to the plastic, portable tray that holds 100 chips so that they can be carried easily from the table to the cashier and vice versa.  The bigger tray that is built into the poker table that holds chips and cash is also called a rack.  .
And you may also be familiar with the use of the word "rack" as a slang term for a woman's breasts.
This has lead to the occasional use of the double-entendre.  One time, a very heavy set female poker deal with a very large chest made a slight error at a game, quickly corrected, and apologized by saying, "Sorry, I couldn't see over my large rack."  She left that standing for a couple of seconds and then said, "I mean the rack of chips in front of me, of course" and pointed to the metal rack.  Of course, that's not at all what she meant.
Another time at a poker room where the person who calls you for your seat also sells you the chips—and doesn’t wear a uniform—a very attractive young woman with a low cut top was working one day and I placed a $100 bill in front of her for the 2/4 game I was just called to. Looking at the bill, she bent over to reach for chips, giving me a rather pleasant view. “You want a rack? (meaning a full rack of 100 one dollar chips).  It took every ounce of self-restraint I had to avoid saying, “Yes, yours will do quite nicely, thank you” and instead I just said “yes.”
So a couple of months ago, when I was still playing mostly 2/4, Rita was dealing at my game. Rita is the dealer who has twice referred to me as her "future ex-husband." (see here) and is a grandmother.

Jane is a floor person.  She is also a grandmother.  So she comes over to our game with a clipboard and said, "Rita, how's your rack?"  Just like that.  Now there were two female players at this game, the rest were guys.  Most of the guys giggled at this.  The gals didn't.  I should mention that the two female players both had notable racks themselves.  Next to Rita was a young gal with a fairly big chest, wearing something low cut that showed a lot of cleavage. Never saw this gal before, but the other woman was a BSC 2/4 regular that I was somewhat friendly with.  Although she wasn’t wearing anything to show it on this night, I knew from prior times she has a considerable chest herself.  

BTW, the reason Jane was asking Rita about "her rack" was that periodically, they do a "rack count" or a "rack check" to confirm that there is the right amount of cash and chips in the rack at each poker table.  This was one such time. Jane was asking Rita to sign off on the count at this table being correct.
As the guys giggled, Rita, did a bit of a take and then pointed down her dealer's shirt. "My rack? How's my rack?  My rack is fine, thank you.  It's just fine."  Everyone cracked up.  The two gals at the table were laughing too (I made a point of seeing how they were reacting).  Jane laughed a bit too but was mostly business.  I suspect that the two of them had done this routine before but I'd never seen it.  But while we were all laughing at this, the player next to Rita, who seemed like a nice enough guy all night, said, a couple of times., "Rita has a great rack." Interesting, I thought.  I was surprised a guy would say something like that, even though it was clear that Rita herself was making fun of the double-entendre.  I mean, it's kind of low class for a guy to say. And I would never do it....but then, it might have been easier for him, he was probably there for just the night, no one there would ever see him again.  I wouldn't risk saying something tacky and then have to go back to that room with Rita or Jane now thinking I was some kind of sleazeball.  So I gotta hope they never read my blog!
Its not my style anyway, but now I'm always on guard for how I am perceived there.  This guy didn't have that worry....plus he was drinking.  Might have loosened him up.  The other thing I was thinking.....as long as the women themselves were doing all the jokes about their racks, why ruin it by having a male butt in?  No male participation was necessary.
When Jane left after Rita signed the clipboard, Rita kept commenting on what Jane had said. "Imagine getting asked in public how my rack is?"  Again, everyone, including the chicks, enjoyed this.  "Well at least it was a woman asking me.  Imagine if it was a male floor person asking about my rack?"  I did interject at this point...."Yeah, it would be considered sexual harassment."  Rita kept going on...."Imagine a man going through the room asking all the lady dealers how their racks were!"?  And finally...."Well, at least there's nothing wrong with my rack."  The sleazy guy agreed with this much too enthusiastically, in my opinion.
Anyway, the best part for me was how much the two female players seemed to be enjoying all the rack jokes.  I guess it helped that it was another woman making them....and it wasn't their own racks that were being joked about.
And by the way....no racks were harmed in the telling of this story.


  1. Sometimes you can witness actual breastal groping at the poker table:


    1. Grump, thanks for giving us that link, that was a great post. Of course the part that you referenced, about the two gals grooping each other's ta-ta's right there at the poker table, was simply sensational. As was the link you provided to the Karina Jett, Heather Esquin groping. Wow, those are perfect stories for my blog, to be sure! How the heck to you concentrate on poker while THAT is going on? I know I couldn't.

      Of course, I did have a post here awhile back about a woman grabbing her own tits, which is here: http://robvegaspoker.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-wish-mine-were-bigger.html

      But I admit one woman grabbing another woman's breasts is much better.

      The rest of your post from that session at Bill's was great as well. Tell me, do you still go there? Is it still as easy to beat as it was back in '08? Do they still have the pig races?

      And I will have to remember when we finally meet to say to you, "You're that Internet Blog guy, right?"

  2. I like to play in games where I can rack up some wins. (ahem)

    1. Hmm, sounds like you need to start playing Strip Poker.

  3. I racked my brain trying to come up with a better story about this topic but I could not.

    1. Just as well, LightNing....if you had tried and failed, you might have ended up looking like a boob.

    2. I'm here all week. Tell your friends.