Sunday, December 2, 2012

Did Her Opthamologist Really Need to Know This?

Oh my.  I just got back to Vegas Thursday afternoon and already there's much to blog about.  First, there was the fact that I actually took down first in the final AVP Weekly Showdown of the year at Bally's Thursday nite.  Some of the dead money I walked away with belonged to Prudence and Tom.

Then yesterday I played in my first World Poker Blogger's Tour  tournament at the Aria.  Despite being short stacked by first break, I managed to outlast all of my buddies and make it to the final table.  Alas, I was the first person to bust out of the final table, and only five got paid.  Nevertheless, the stories I have from the day will make for a lengthy blog post even by my standards.  What with all the bad beats, the suck outs, the celebrity sightings and of course, the usual girl-on-girl french-kissing-right-at-the-tournament-table-action, there should be plenty to talk about.  But that will have to wait, as I have much work to do and more fun to have while in Vegas.  But please stay tuned!

In the meantime,  here's a cute anecdote from an email my friend Woody sent me the other day.  It’s not about Vegas, or poker, but it is a “woman said” story, so here it is (the surgery he mentions is for cataracts—routine):

1.  I was in for surgery today for my right eye
2.  There was an elderly woman in the pre-op bed right next to my bed.  There was a curtain separating us
3.  The nurses were quizzing us both about our allergies

Important:  The old lady told the nurse (in a very old lady sounding voice):

"I am allegic to latex condoms"

4.  A major guffaw erupted from the nurse in the old lady's room

Important:  The nurse said to the old lady:

"Wow, that must make your husband real happy"
Woody followed up the next day with further reaction to this incident:

Before I left the clinic yesterday, I told that story to the eye surgeon, the anesthesiologist as well as to a few nurses.  The nurses are dragging other nurses over and having me tell them what had happened.  As my wife would say, they were all in a "tither."



  1. Oh my ... the old gal had sex on her mind! Imagine that. But I assume Prudence will be talking about condoms (and vaginas) when she is in her 70's and getting her cataracts replaced!

    For that matter, and this is a true story ... immediately after my cataract surgery my doctor wanted to know if I had any questions ... now mind you, I could have asked him a myriad of things including the medication dosage, will there be pain, when will my eyes focus, do I need sunglasses outside, etc. etc. But I asked him only ONE question:

    Can I have sex tonight? He seemed a bit astonished, and then said as professional as he could .... "yes".

    heh heh

    1. Great story, LM. I'll have to ask Prudence if she plans to talk about her vagina with the doctor who performs her cataract surgery in the far off future.

  2. Oh, one more detail about that story: The nurse asked the old lady, "what do the latex condoms do to you?"

    1. And.....come one Woody, don't keep us in suspense, what was her answer?

  3. Oh, the old lady said something like, "I get some inflamation".

    And yes, Woody's mind immediately created a mental picture of where that "inflamation" must have occurred.