Sunday, May 5, 2013

Neil Patrick Harris is a Terrible Tipper

Last night was a total madhouse in the poker room.  Very close to the table I was at, there was a celebrity blackjack table.  I don’t think it was intentional.  Just all of a sudden a bunch of celebs showed up and were all playing at the same table.

Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Howser, aka Barney Stinson, was there.  Next to him was Beau Bridges. Also, Liev Schreiber was there, as was some guy from the TV show The Office who I don’t recognize and whose name nobody knew, other than that he was the guy from The Office.  I just checked IMDB and couldn’t recognize him from pics of the show, but the players at my poker table insist it was a guy from The Office.
The same waitress who had been provided those of us at the poker table exemplary service all night—and it was totally packed in that poker room— was also serving that blackjack table.  After serving the celebs drinks, she reported that Mr. Harris tipped her a whole fifty cents for bringing him a drink.
Yes, that’s right, he gave her a 50 cent piece.  At least it wasn’t two quarters.  Pretty much standard in Vegas is a dollar per drink.  When people are doing well at the tables, more is not unusual.  You might expect a celebrity who makes big bucks to give more than a buck even if he is having a losing day at the tables.
Reportedly, Doogie Howser (and he’ll always be Doogie Howser to me), is paid $210K per episode for playing a suit-wearing womanizer on his current TV sitcom.  I make considerable less than that per year, yet I manage to find a way to always tip the waitress a buck for a drink.
No, I take that back.  From now on, he’ll always be known as “Cheap Bastard” to me.

Now, to get to more important things than Neil Patrick Harris being a pathetic, lame, embarrassing cheapskate.  My current Vegas trip is coming to a close, meaning that I can finally get back to the important business of documenting all these stories I’ve been accumulating over these past two Vegas trips.  I had scarcely made a dent in the previous trip’s blogging material when my schedule forced me to return to Vegas.  I’ve only actually written one real post from Vegas (until this one).  I had started a post in L.A. that I hadn’t finished before driving back to Vegas, spent a few hours on it in Vegas but still haven’t completed it.  And it's a good one, if I do say so myself.  For now, I'm the only who can, since no one has else has seen it.
And I’m pretty sure this current trip has produced even more fodder for the blog than the last one.
So there will be tons of posts if I can ever get to them.  Last night’s festivities included so much more than cheapstake sitcom stars.  It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a poker table without Prudence there talking about her hoo-ha.  There were “woman saids”, “men saids”, hookers, extremely scantily-clad women, and oh yes, some crazy poker hands too.  I can probably get 2, 3, maybe more posts out of just last night.
But I wanted to put this quickie up before I get back to more meaty posts.  This should please those of you who love to complain about my long posts, including one of my dealer buddies who told me the other night that he started to read my blog but couldn’t get through the post because it seemed like one long run-on sentence. Harumph. I may just have to start using his real name instead of the fake one I assigned him long ago, and blog all the really embarrassing dirt I have on him.  Let’s see if he finds that a run-on sentence.
Stay tuned and be patient, folks.


  1. when my schedule forced me to return to Vegas.


    extremely scantily-clad women,

    Pics, my man, pics.

    1. "when my schedule forced me to return to Vegas" raised my eyebrows too... :)

    2. Thanks guys. It's a bitch being FORCED to return to Vegas, right?

      MOJO, I didn't take any pics because I really didn't want to get into trouble.

      One person who was less worried than I am is @randompoker. Check out his twitter feed and go to 5/4, and he has a few pics on there.

    3. Check the twitter feed linked above. I wasn't about to take pictures and either 1)get kicked out of the casino or 2) get punched in the face by a jealous boyfriend. sorry.

  2. "This should please those of you who love to complain about my long posts"

    Who would ever do that? Some people ...

    1. I'm thinking of combining all my remain anecdotes from the last two trips into one long post for your reading enjoyment, Lightning.

  3. Replies
    1. I was quite disappointed myself, Grange.

  4. To quote my buddy (who happened to be in town this past weekend for a gay meet-up), "That's not gay tipping!"

    1. Umm, thanks, Prudence. I have no idea what gay tipping is.

      But I'm sure Doogie does.