Monday, September 23, 2013

Splash the Pot

I'm just about to head back to L.A. after my latest Vegas visit.  No time for a "real" post, just a couple of quick things I find amusing to hold you until I can get back to regular blogging.  Hang in there folks, those in-depth posts that take you days to read will return soon.

The first is one of the most clever tweets I've ever read, from someone named Andy P.  I have no idea who Andy P is, but one of my Twitter peeps retweeted this and I immediately retweeted the retweet.  In case you don't follow me on Twitter, or missed it, here it is.  And thanks to Andy P for such a great tweet, which I am borrowing without permission!

Just asked Siri "surely it's not going to rain today". Siri said "it is and don't call me Surely".
Forgot to take phone off Airplane mode

The  other thing is a story I heard last nite at the poker table.  A German tourist told us this one.  Sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning, say around 3-4 AM, a young lady was coming out of the Hakkasan night club who had, one can assume, indulged in quite a few adult beverages.  He didn't really describe her appearance, but I presume she was a member of what I have lovingly referred to as The Slut Parade.  And as she walked by the poker room, she tossed her panties on one of the tables, a table where a game was in progress.  

The German tourist was unable to say exactly where the young lady was when she removed her panties--assuming she did.  Perhaps she just had a spare pair of panties with her for just such an occasion.  Perhaps she always keeps an extra pair in her purse.  I rather doubt that she removed them right there, outside the poker room. But hey, this is Vegas, anything's possible and as I said, I assume much alcohol had no doubt been consumed.  

Regardless of where exactly they came from, they landed on the poker table where the tourist was playing and the male dealer scooped them up and put them in his pocket.  Since this is the graveyard shift I probably don't know the dealer who claimed the undies.

The tourist said he took the panties as a "tip" but I said the panties should have been put in the pot and given to the player who won the current hand.  It would give new meaning to the term, "Splash Pot."  Especially if the panties were, um, you know, damp.

Unfortunately, I didn't see this incident and can only report it second-hand.  No doubt if I had witnessed it myself I could build an entire lengthy post about this.  Sadly, all I can do is trust that a German poker player wouldn't lie at a poker table and make something like this up.

Frankly, I doubt he was capable of making this up, so I'm going with it.



  1. What a great tweet ... thanks for sharing. Surely, the phone must have been in airplane mode! We will try to "hang in there" for your regular posts. I just love how you politely interrupted your own blog!... ......Hope those dreaded pocket kings didn't bite you too severely this trip.

    1. Thanks, LM. The dreaded Kings actually treated me well this trip. It was pocket Queens and pocket Aces that did me. Details to follow......

    2. Don't get me started on Airplane lines, anger...there's too many!

      Damn, I was sure I made this comment yesterday, and I don't see it. Really bad when your blog is eating your OWN comment

  2. the included picture teases me
    oh how it teases me

  3. HI Rob, that sounds about the best thing that could happen in the MGM room these days. The current (and I hope not permanent) location does not make for fun in the room. I feel like they should kick open all those fire doors so i could watch the traffic to complete the feeling of playing in a parking lot. However spectating from Slut Parade Avenue is possible :)

    1. Yeah, things are tough at the MGM right now, hopefully they will get started on a permanent fix soon.

  4. Tossing her panties on the poker table? Oy vey... This ranks right up there with the woman dealer's "zipper malfunction" that happened at Binions poker room!

    I repeat: "why does this stuff keep happening in Rob's life??"

    I must be living a very sedate life by comparison. Woody

    1. Well actually, this one happened when I wasn't there. But the German tourist started telling the story out of the blue, and I was there to hear it.

      Now if I had only been there, and if I had actually witnessed the girl removing her panties before tossing them, now THAT would have been one helluva blog post!