Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vegas’ Treasure Island Has Some Big Poker Changes

My latest Ante Up column is online and can be found here.

Note: As I think I mentioned, they have changed the format of the magazine.  My content is now merged with other content about the "West Poker Scene."  So the column you see has a lot of stuff I didn't have anything to do with.  That's the way it will be going forward.  My contribution won't always be the lead.  But everything about Vegas is written by me. 

Also, they were experimenting with separating the news and the tournament info.  So you will see that there is Vegas tournament info on bottom that is also written by me (look under "tournaments").  However, after trying it for this issue, they are going go back to having the tournament info combined with the news, so it will be more like what you were used to (but still combining the regions into one column).

In the actual print magazine, the news column and the tournaments column appear on two different pages.

And also, as I mentioned in the popular post here, I did a profile of Dominick Muzio for the magazine.  That is also featured in the current issued.  You can see the text of it at the end of the column I linked to.

The online version doesn't include the picture of Dominick I sent in for it.  You can see it in the print version, of if you want to see how it looks in the magazine, just open up the PDF version of the magazine (here) and go to page 10.  And yes, it was my idea to have a picture of Dom on stage, performing his music.

I didn't see the issue at the Bike yesterday but it should be hitting poker rooms any day now.


  1. Like the idea of turbo's (MGM). I know a lot of people don't like them, and I understand why but it's where I have made most money online over the years. E.g played 5 this weekend, cashed in 4. But like online they need a quick clock on players, else it becomes a crapshoot after 4 levels.

    1. Thanks, Ben. I understand turbos online. You bust out in five minutes, then hope to the next one. Live play is different--you bust out in 20 minutes....then what? Move on to find the next turbo in a room that's in walking distance.

      I played them online, especially the sit-n-go's, but doesn't appeal to me live. But hey, lots of people do like them, they like the fact that its over quickly.

  2. The key live is a quick clock. The reason i don't mind them, is that I nearly have my hand thought out pretty quickly. I think at the levels I play at, eg not massive buy-ins, this gives me an advantage. Therefore I would never hope to be intimidated by a quick clock.
    But point taken about quick bust outs. You have to play almost SnG rules. Premium hands first four levels, then hope (engineer ? :) ) a big enough stack to intimidate people near the money. Also, the quicker you play puts pressure on others to make decisions they might not in a normal speed game.