Thursday, June 9, 2016

"If You Get Lost, Ask a Hot Girl"

This is an old session I recently uncovered.  There were no spectacular hands, no huge pots.  Just chipping up and up, and coming out ahead in the end.  Slow and steady wins the race, to quote an old cliché.

This took place on a club night.  I was assigned to a seat in the back of the room, unfortunately.  I never asked for a table change to a better table (viewing wise, of course) because I was doing well enough where I was.  If you’re winning at a table, why move?  Just to get a better view of the walking scenery?  Not on this night.

I limped in with pocket 4’s, then called $7.  Four of us saw a flop that was all clubs, but it did contain a 4. Nervous about the clubs, I just called $20 and $30 on the flop and turn.  I declined to bet on the river when he checked.  My set was good.

I raised to $8 with Ace-8 of clubs. There was a call and then someone raised to $40.  I folded, but the other guy called.  I dunno, $40 just seemed like too much to call with such a marginal hand.  So the flop came Ace-Ace-6, two hearts.  Damn.  I had to console myself thinking that one of them had the case Ace with a better kicker.  The preflop raiser bet $80 (which was more than half his stack).  The other guy shoved and the first guy called.  The turn made me ill—it was an 8. The river was a 7.  The preflop raiser showed pocket Kings.  The other guy just mucked!

Huh…what the hell did he have that couldn’t beat Kings on a paired Aces board for him to shove with on the flop?  A semi-bluff with hearts?  Queens?  It was strange.  I really couldn’t figure out his hand.  But one thing is for sure.  The guy with the Kings would have known why I call them dreaded if I hadn’t folded.  I had both guys covered but still it would have been a very nice pot. 

I raised with Ace-King, had a couple of callers and took it with a c-bet.

Then I had pocket Jacks, raised to $8, only one caller.  The flop was Ace-high but he didn’t call my $12 bet.

In the small blind I put in a buck with 8-6 offsuit in a five or six way pot.  There was an 8 on the flop and I called $6.  Now there were three of us.  The turn was a 6 and I led out for $12; it was now heads up.  A blank turn and I bet $25, he called and showed Ace-9 (just top pair, top kicker).

In late position, I raised to $13 with Ace-King off and had two callers.  The flop was Jack-7-2, two diamonds—I had no diamonds.  I made a $20 continuation bet and had one call.  The turn was an Ace, I bet $30 and she called.  I bet $35 on a King river and she called.  She showed one card when she saw my hand….an Ace.

With pocket 9’s, I raised to $8 and had three callers.  The flop was 9-8-2, two hearts.  My $25 bet was not called.

I raised to $8 with King-Queen offsuit and had two callers.  The flop was Ace-Jack-5, two spades.  I bet $15 and one guy made it $30, the other guy folded, I called.  The turn was a 10.  I bet $60, the guy tanked for a bit.  Finally he said, “I’ll lay it down for you.”  Gee thanks.  I just had the nuts.

I had pocket Jacks and raised, got three callers.  A c-bet on a low flop took it.  A few hands later I had pocket Aces, raised, had only one caller, and took it with a c-bet.

I limped in with King-10 of clubs.  Four of us saw a flop of Ace-Jack-4, one club.  It checked around.  The Queen on the turn gave me Broadway.  A player led out for $5, I made it $15 and she called, it was heads up.  But the board paired on the river and neither of us bet.  She didn’t show when I showed her the nut straight.

At one point one of the players asked if there was a Men’s Room nearby.  And the dealer said, “No.”  You see, this was during a period when the nearest restrooms to the MGM poker room were being remodeled.  So you had to walk past the Sports Book to get to the next closest ones, which were the ones that serviced the poker room before it was re-located to make room for the club.

By this time, the line for the club had already formed.  From the poker room, there are two ways to get to rest rooms. You can walk through the sports book, or you can take a slightly less direct route and walk through where the poker room used to be, which is now part pathway and part line-up area for the club. In other words, if you want to take the scenic route, it’s a few more steps.  You should be able to figure out which route I take when I have to go that restroom.

Anyway, the player was surprised to get that answer.  “No?”  The dealer said, “You’ll find it, just go over by the sports book and then passed it.”  So I chipped in, “Go around the sports book, not through the sports book.  You’ll enjoy the view a lot more.”  The rest of the table laughed at that, knowing exactly what I meant.  The dealer said, “If you get lost, ask a hot girl.”  And I added, “If you don’t get lost, ask a hot girl.’

When he returned—and not particularly promptly, I might add—he said, “Yeah, I see what you mean about the view on the other side.  Thanks.”

And that was that.  No huge pots, but I was never down and kept adding to my stack.  By the time I cashed out, I was up $230.  Slow and steady wins the race.


  1. A fantastic front and especially back pic. And a nice clean fun post.

    1. Thanks westfred! I did like that dress....hoping to see it live one of these days.

    2. You should go to one of the "clubwear" stores in town here and ask if they have your size...

    3. Honestly, Alysia, I don't understand this comment. Sorry.

  2. Replies
    1. C-???? You crazy? In one shot I give you boobs, legs and ass! What more do you want?

  3. I declined to bet on the river when he checked. My set was good.

    When he checked the river, what did you put him on? Wouldn't he bet a flush?

    1. Most likely, yes. But I've always been too nitty about getting value on the river and back then when this took place, even more so. I thought it was very unlikely he'd call a bet unless he had me beat, so I played it safe.

  4. Anger must be losing his vision, or does not like black clothing; cause she hot, imo.
    Congrats,you are quickly closing in on a milestone of 1-milly views. Always nice to steadily chip up, and run good.
    GL sir,

    Big L

    1. Thanks, Big L. I think perhaps all that weed has affected his brain?

      Yes, actually, chipping up this way instead of one or two really big pots is easier on the heart!