Monday, April 2, 2018

"We All Look Alike"

I guess the PC Police might get upset with this post.  But honestly, isn't it considered ok if people make ethnic jokes at the expense of their own ethnic group?

That's ok right?

And if a blogger of a different ethnic group happens to hear such ethnic jokes and reports them on his blog, quoting the member of the ethnic group who made the jokes, that's gotta be ok too, right?


On Saturday I was back at PC Ventura playing some 1/2 NL  After a down from a rather quiet Asian dealer (male), another Asian male dealer pushed in to replace him.  This dealer was quite a bit more talkative than the previous one.

Early in his down, a player—a reg—finally noticed that there had been a dealer change.  And so he said to the new dealer, "Oh you're here now?  I didn't notice when you came in."  I should mention that the reg was white, I mean he was really white.  Even his hair was white.  So the new Asian dealer said, "We all look alike."

Sometime later a chip runner came by, another Asian, although she was female.  The reg asked if she was Chinese.  I think she answered no, but I didn't hear her say what her nationality was.  They got to talking about some of the unusual things they eat where she is originally from.  She said something to the effect, "They eat anything over there…dogs….cats….whatever."

The reg eventually told the dealer that he plays tennis with a Chinese person.  "She's really a lovely person," the reg reported. The dealer said, "Yes, we're lovely people.  We eat an occasional dog but we're lovely people."

I thought this was highly amusing.  So did everyone else at the table.  I was sitting directly on the dealer's right and when he saw me laugh, he nudged me on the left arm as if to say, "pretty good, huh?"

As for the poker, I started out down when a couple of draws I was chasing didn't come through.  The middle part of the session was good before I reverted to the medical condition known as "deadness of the cards."

I was down almost $40 ($100 buy-in, the max) when I limped in with 5-4 of diamonds and then called a "pot building raise" to $4.  A bunch of us saw a flop that had two diamonds and a 4 on it.  I called a smallish bet, then called another smallish bet when the turn blanked.  By the time the river—the Ace of diamonds—hit, there were three of us.  I checked and this time no one bet.  My baby flush held up and I took my first pot of the day.
I had pocket 9's UTG + 1.  The UTG player limped, I bumped it to $5 and it was 5 way. The flop was 10-2-2.  I decided to see what would happen\ if I c-bet so I put out $12.  One caller.  I hit a Yahtzee on the turn—a 9.  I put out $20 and got a call.  I bet $30 on a blank and he called and showed Jack-10.  Now I was in the black.

I got pocket 9's again and opened the pot to $5.  A few callers saw the flop of Queen-10-9.  The big blind bet $6.  He was such a nit I was concerned that he had flopped a straight.  So I just called and another guy came along.  The turn was a harmless card and this time the big blind checked.  So I decided to bet $20.  They both folded.

With pocket Jacks, I opened to $7.  Two callers and the flop was all low.  I c-bet $15 and took it down.

I limped in with Jack-8 of spades and six of us saw a flop of Ace-Jack-x.  It checked around.  The turn was a brick and this time a guy bet $9.  I had a hunch my Jack was good so I called.  We were now heads up. Another brick hit the river and this time he bet $15.  I snap called and he said, "you're good," and just mucked without forcing me to show my hand.  OK.

I called a $5 all-in with pocket 8's and it was six-way.  I flopped middle set and bet 14.  One player called.  I bet $20 on a blank and the guy folded.  The all-in guy never showed.

From the small blind I completed with Jack-5 suited and flopped two pair.  I made a small flop bet and won a small pot.

That was about it.  I booked a small win and headed home.


  1. That's it? A short post? Thank goodness you had one picture in it or I would have alerted the police that you blog account had been stolen by someone.

    1. Most of my posts have been fairly short lately lately. Not the last two, but they weren't written by me.

  2. That picture is within two paragraphs of the word "tennis".

    That is NOT a coincidence....

    1. I guess you're really interested in tennis and boobs, Lester. Someone should start a blog dedicated to that.

    2. There should be a women's tennis league in Las Vegas where each casino fields a team. I mean ridiculously "athletic" women representing each casino. Oh hell yes that would make for some good blogging....