Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I Was Planning to Write a Post on Sunday, Honest

Yes that was the plan.  But things seldom go as planned when I'm in Vegas, and I've been here for a bit more than two weeks.  I didn't drag my ass out of bed until 10:30AM on Sunday, and that pretty much prevented me from writing up any of the stories I've collected this trip so far.  Sorry.

Will I get around to doing any serious blogging before I return home?  You're guess is as good as mine, but the local sports books are heavily favoring the "No."

But I didn't want it to appear that I've abandoned the blog.  So I'm posting this little nothing of a blog post so you won't think I drove my car off the roof the Golden Nugget parking garage yet (tempting as that sounds).

In the meantime, you can get a taste of my trip so far by checking out my pal Lightning's latest blog post here. Since we got together numerous times during his visit last week, you'll be able to see some of the stuff I've been up to before I am able to tell you the whole story.

As for the pictures below, they have nothing to do with this post or anything else, but I figure if I can't give you some of my brilliant prose, at least I can give you what you all really come for.  

Enjoy and stay tuned!


  1. "Tell you the whole story?" I believe that I feel a tad offended, sir. 😑

    1. Ha Ha. Well I wrote that right before going to bed last night and I guess I could have been a bit clearer. I was referring to MY whole story, of course. Including the 75% of it that didn't include you, u see.

      Leave it to you to complain about a blog post that's basically nothing but a blog for your blog!

  2. I played at the Golden Nugget Saturday and saw you standing by the side wall. By the time I was able to come over, you were gone. Hope things are going well.

    1. Oh wow. I know exactly when that was. It was just before the 3pm (supposed to be 1pm) started and then right after--I was an alternate. I was using a plug there by the clock to charge my phone. I disappeared and then got seated in the tournament....I played a long time so I was there.

      I didn't know you were in the seniors at Nugget but I should have figured. How did you do there?

      You should have tweeted at me, as I said I was there a long time.

      Congrats on the cash in the Super Seniors, although I know you wanted to do better than you did.