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Vegas Poker Room Football Promos -- Oct Ante Up Column

Here's my latest column for Ante Up.  This is my annual look at all the Vegas poker room football promos the rooms have. 

Once again, the Ante Up website has not yet posted my column in linkable format, so this is the version that I submitted about a month ago.  When the column goes live on the Ante Up site, I'll update this with the link.

The magazine should be available in your local poker room now.

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Poker and pigskins go together, so let's take a look at the football promos the Vegas poker rooms are offering this fall.

MGM: On Sunday, players earn drawing tickets starting at 11a.m. for a flush or better. During the evening game, after a turnover via fumble or an interception, one ticket is drawn and the winner gets $50. After a field goal, three tickets are drawn and each winner receives $50. After a touchdown, two tickets are drawn, each worth $100.  After a  safety, five tickets are drawn, each worth $100.  For the Monday night game, football squares are awarded beginning 11a.m. for a flush or better. The winning first and third quarter squares win $200 and the adjacent squares win $50. The second quarter square wins $200 and adjacent squares win $100. The fourth quarter winner gets $400 and adjacent squares win $100. During the Thursday night game, a random player is chosen after every score (two chosen for a safety).The winner picks an envelope worth between $100-$400.

STRATOSPHERE:  The promo is for three games on Sunday, plus Monday and Thursday night games.  The high hand each quarter wins $50.

SANTA FE STATION: Pots will be splashed with drawing tickets during Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games as well as the Sunday morning game. After a touchdown, two pots at all tables will be splashed with a drawing ticket. After a field goal, one pot will be splashed with a drawing ticket. For safeties, each table will get five pots splashed with drawing tickets. At the end of the game, four tickets will be drawn worth $50 each and the final ticket drawn pays $200.

BOULDER STATION:  Anticipating the Oakland Raiders eventual move to Vegas, during their games there will be two random players drawn every time the Raiders score a touchdown.  One hold'em player and one Omaha player will receive $100 each. 

When the NHL season starts, the same promo will run during Golden Knights games for every goal they score.

SAM’S TOWN: There are football squares for Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and Thursday night games. Each quarter pays $100. Squares are earned for getting a full house or better in a cash game

CLUB FORTUNE: Football squares for Sunday night game, full house or better during the previous week to get a square. Payouts are $50 for the first quarter, $75 for the second quarter, $100 for the third quarter, and $200 for the fourth quarter.

EXCALIBUR: During the Sunday morning, Monday evening and Thursday evening games, both a high hand and a random seat drawing are featured.  The high hand of the hour will earn $50 starting two hours before kick-off and continue until 11 p.m. for the evening games.  For the Sunday morning game, the payouts continue until 3 p.m. The final payout will be $100.

For those same games, a random player will be selected for a cash prize after every score. Field goals pay $50, touchdowns $100 and safeties $200.

WESTGATE:  The room is located adjacent to the largest sports book in Vegas, so football fans will be around the whole weekend.  The weekly football loyalty program will award cash to the three players with the most hours of live poker between 4 p.m. Thursday and 11 p.m. Monday. Top prize is $200, followed by $100 and $50. 

GREEN VALLEY RANCH: Every team in the Monday and Thursday night games, as well as in the morning, afternoon and evening games on Sunday, will have a drum for drawing tickets.  Players who get a full house a better get a ticket which they can place in the drum of the team of their choosing.  When a team kicks a field goal, a ticket from that team's drum will be drawn and the winner gets $100.  At the end of each game, a ticket will be drawn from the winning team's drum and the winner receives $250. 

ORLEANS: For Sunday, Monday and Thursday night football games, as well as the Sunday morning game, seat drawings are held after every score. Field goals and two-point conversions are worth $25, touchdowns by the offense are worth $50 and touchdowns by the defense or special teams pay $75.  Safeties are also worth $75.  There will also be a $25 splash pot after any score.

MIRAGE:  Drawings will be held during Sunday morning, afternoon and evening games as well as the Monday and Thursday night games.  Players earn a ticket for making a straight or better (two tickets between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.).  One ticket is drawn at the end of each quarter.  The first and third quarters are worth $125, the second quarter is worth $250 and the fourth quarter is worth $500.

SOUTHPOINT: Football squares for Sunday morning, afternoon and evening games and Monday and Thursday night games.  Each quarter is worth $100 and the final score is $200.  Players earn squares by making Aces full or better.  Random seat drawings after scores will be held during Thursday night, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon games. Winner receives $50 for a field goal, $100 for a touchdown and $200 after a safety.  An NFL Fleece Blanket will be awarded during the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games to the highest hand during the game. A second blanket will be given out in a random seat drawing at 11 p.m.

Players are now qualifying for the $200K holiday freeroll, 120 hours of live play needed by November 30.

MANDALAY BAY: High Hand of the hour, starting at $150, runs Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mondays and Thursdays 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

FLAMINGO: High Hand of the hour Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Winner gets $250, second highest hand wins $100.

WYNN: The fall classic runs September 26 – October 14. The $1,600 championship event starts October 12 and features a $500K guarantee.

VENETIAN: The DeepStack Extravaganza runs October 29 – November 25. The $1,600 main event starts November 15 and has a $400K guarantee.

CLOSURES: The poker rooms at Treasure Island and Arizona Charlie's have closed.

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