Thursday, December 10, 2015

Julius Caesar & Princess Leia (Halloween 2015)

This Vegas Halloween report (aka, the Halloween Slut Parade) will be a bit different from the past two, which you can find here and here.  Although it was wonderful night for people watching, there’s less for me to tell you about than in previous years.  Describing costumes is a lot less interesting than seeing them for yourself, and I think I pretty much have run out of ways to describe them by now.  Plus, there were just fewer interesting relatable stories from this year than in the past.

But unlike previous years, I was able to get some of my own pics from the night.  However, none of these pics were posed, and I kind of got them surreptitiously. I could tell  you how I got them, but I’d have to kill you.  The last three pics in this post were not taken by me and are not pictures of ladies I saw on Halloween.  The other ones were all from yours truly.  Since they weren’t posed, the quality might not be that great and I certainly don’t necessarily have the best angles, and I apologize for that.  But hopefully it’s better than nothing.

I played in two rooms on Halloween.  I started out at Planet Hollywood late in the afternoon.  The interesting thing about that is that PH allowed their staff to dress up if they wanted to.  This wasn’t necessarily a good thing.  The hot girls dealing in the “Pleasure Pit” were generally wearing less sexy costumes than their normal outfits.  Same thing with the cocktail waitresses who decided to come in costumes.  None of the outfits in the pit that I saw were all that interesting,

A couple of the poker dealers were in costume.  The one that made me take notice was a guy wearing a toga and a laurel reef (he had a t-shirt on so it wasn’t inappropriate).  As he pushed in, I looked at his named tag.  It was definitely an official Planet Hollywood name tag.  And it said, “Julius” and I started laughing.

“Julius, huh?” I asked. “What’s the last name, Caesar?”  He put his fist to his chest and then stuck his arm straight out, the Roman salute.  The whole table was laughing.  Another player inquired and lo and behold, Julius wasn’t his real name.  Somehow he had gotten a hold of the perfect badge for his costume.  Then he said he was going to use the tag next year with some kind of “orange” theme.

I played there a few hours and, like so many sessions from this trip, it was totally unremarkable and contained nothing to blog about.

I moved on to MGM, where I anticipated another great night of the Halloween Slut Parade.  I wasn’t disappointed. Somehow, just by pure coincidence, I found myself sitting in one of the primo seats to view the parade, I mean the costumes, as the folks headed to and from the club.

Now, there weren’t that many costumes that stood out for their uniqueness or creativity.  As usual, there were a lot of costumes I couldn’t identify.  The ones I could identify weren’t all that imaginative, with a few exceptions.  I think the most memorable costume was on a guy.  He was naked except for briefs.  He was covered head (bald) to toe in silver paint—seriously.  He was the Silver Surfer.  I knew this because of the “surfboard” (also completely sliver) he was carrying.  Although it was actually an ironing board.  He was with a woman in a costume I couldn’t identify, it was colorful and somewhat bikini-like but with a frilly bottom and a frilly top.  But honestly, this was one time I was paying more attention to the guy than the girl. 

One costume that got the attention of all the guys at the table was a gal in a German beer hall outfit, or maybe she was supposed to be St. Pauli Girl.  She had a low cut top, with a heavy duty push-up bra.  The resulting boobage was quite abundant. One of the guys at the table commented that the boobies we were seeing were definitely “after-market.” The dealer said, “Yeah, way after-market.  Like at least 10 years after-market.”

Well, she disappeared but after some time she came back, walking the other way.  She was with a guy, and I have no idea if he was in costume or not.  Anyway, the girl got our attention again and the guy noticed that suddenly everyone at our table was looking at his companion.  So he stopped and said to us, “Come on….they’re just titties.”

Apparently I missed the best costume of the day by leaving Planet Hollywood too soon.  A guy at my table said he had seen the best costume over there earlier.  It was probably about an hour or so after I had left.  In the main casino, he noticed a woman wearing a really accurate Princess Leia slavegirl outfit.  Apparently, she was wearing it really, really well.  She was just wearing the hell out of it.  Anyway, he watched as she and a guy dressed as Han Solo walked over to the poker room, where he was headed anyway. Although to hear this guy tell it, she was so smoking hot I think he would have sat at any casino game she was playing just to get a better look. Leia and Han were seated at the same table, and this guy requested a table change and eventually managed to get a seat right next to Leia.  Then he told us that it sure as hell looked like Leia was not wearing any underwear.  I believe he spent most of the time at the table with her trying to determine this for sure, and finally reached 99% certainty she was commando.

He then he told us, “Unfortunately, after about a half hour, Obi-Wan came by to get them and they left.”

I found that highly amusing. “Wait, no Luke?  Where was Luke?”  Apparently, Luke was off trying to destroy a Death Star or something.

Although the costumes as costumes weren’t all that memorable, an awful lot of the females wearing costumes were showing an awful lot of skin. This did create a significant distraction from the poker, as you can imagine.  Although there were plenty of legs, and partial buttocks, and bare midriffs, this year there seemed to be more cleavage than in the past.  I mean, Geez, was there a lot of cleavage.  On more than one occasion, I felt compelled to get up and ask the ladies to cover up.  Yeah, you can be sure that happened. 

And boy was the club packed that night.  I was there during the first month the club opened and it was busy as hell.  But I never saw anything quite like this.  There was actually one line that went all thru the front of the casino, outside into the alley, almost reached the Strip.  I guess it was kind of a perfect storm, what with Halloween falling on a Saturday, and it also being the end of Daylight Savings Time, so an extra hour to party.

But again, another unmemorable poker session.  I played over 5 hours and finished up $10.  I took several very nice scenic tours around the casino when I was done, and as I said, managed to get a few pictures worth publishing.

Hope you enjoy them.

Note, the pics above were all taken by me, but the pics below were not.  I included a Wonder Woman because as with last year, that was the single most common costume for girls to wear.  I can assure you tho, none of the Wonder Woman I saw looked anything like the WW below.


  1. I swear, the next time we are both in Las Vegas at the same time, I am going to find some woman who would consent to a Rob motorboat. The resulting post would be a classic!

    1. Haha, thanks. I have another raader, "Big L" who has offered to pay for a lap dance at a local Strip Club. I assume some motorboating action would be involved in that!

      But if you could find a hot female poker who would agree, I suppose that would really be something!

    2. Ummmm ... I never mentioned the word "hot." lol

    3. Well, in that case, all boobs, I mean all bets, are off.

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    1. Thanks! Glad you liked them....I know people have been always complained that I only talk about the various Slut Parades and begging for it was nice to finally get some posted that I took. Not the best, but now that I know how to do it, if I try it again next year, they should be better.