Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Paid for These!!!

This story dates back to the time I was staying at Excalibur.  It was middle of summer and about 184 degrees outside.  The Excalibur has these two moving walkways for people coming and going from the casino to the Strip.  It was late afternoon and I got on the walkway to exit the Excalibur for the Strip.

From a distance, on the other walkway coming towards me, I saw two young girls, probably just barely old enough to be allowed in a casino.  One was wearing some kind of swimsuit coverup but the other girl was wearing nothing but a bikini—a very skimpy bikini.  Since she was coming in from the Strip, the implication was that she had been walking on the Strip—nowhere near a pool—in just the skimpy bikini.  And possibly had walked in other casinos dressed like that.  And now definitely was about to walk through the Excalibur casino like that.  But hey, it's Vegas.

As the I got closer to the girl I noticed she was very attractive.  And she had a terrific figure.  She also had rather large breasts, which were generously displayed by the aforementioned skimpy bikini.  I jumped to a fairly quick conclusion that her breasts were not entirely god-given.  The rest of her body was way too trim for those big ones.

Still, I was enjoying the view when I noticed that about 10 feet in front of me on the same walkway I was on were three young guys, about the same age as the girls, yelling and whooping it up.  I couldn't make out anything they said, they just seemed to be enjoying being in Vegas.  I'm sure they noticed the girls, especially the one in the skimpy bikini, but I could not tell if they were saying anything to the girls or not.

Thus, when the girl in the skimpy bikini did what she then did, I don't know if it was in response to anything the guys said to her, or merely the result of her noticing they were checking her out.  How do I know they were checking her out?  Because it would be impossible to find a single man on the planet who would not be checking her out given her skimpy bikini, that's why.

Anyway, what prompted this I'll never know, but as the girls and the guys were about even on the two opposing walkways, the girl in the skimpy bikini suddenly extended her arms straight out on either side of her body and began shaking her ta-ta's like a Vegas stripper.  And then she loudly exclaimed, "I paid for these!!!  Woo Hoo!  I paid for these!!!"

Well, I was right about something.

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