Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kissing in the Boys Room

Months ago, I was playing poker at the BSC and needed to use the Men’s Room.  It was a little after midnight on a Saturday night.  I wanted to wait until the dealer button was in the best position to give me enough time to go and come back without missing my blinds.  Unlike a lot of inconsiderate players, I try to do my best to not miss the blinds.  Just at the best opportunity, the waitress came around and I ordered a drink.   Ordinarily I don’t leave the table after ordering because I don’t want the waitress to drop off the drink without me there to tip her.  But I figured the waitresses were so busy this night that I had enough time to hit the Men's Room and make it back to the game before the waitress brought my diet coke. 

So I made a beeline for the Men’s Room.  As I was about to enter it, I notice an attractive girl waiting right next to it, actually leaning on the entrance to it.  Her back was to the Women’s Room, and she was facing the entrance to the Men’s Room so that every man going in there would see her.  My assumption being that she was waiting for some guy to come out of there.  That’s a little unusual because it’s a lot more common to see a guy waiting outside the Women’s Room for a gal than vice versa.  But anyway, the girl was standing there and I noticed her left breast was flashing red.  I also noticed she was exposing a rather good bit of cleavage.

The cleavage is hardly unusual for Vegas (in fact, it’s pretty much required by law), but you don’t usually see tits flashing red.  (I’ve seen girls flashing their tits before, but not their tits flashing red)  Upon further inspection, I noticed that pinned over her left breast was some kind of pin or broach that was doing the flashing.  I couldn’t make out exactly what it was, but it was kind of vertical, like it might have been a representation of a building or something like that. Anyway, this was interesting to say the least, and if I hadn’t been in a hurry I might have slowed down to get a better look and a better reading on what was flashing on her chest.  But since I was in a hurry to get back to the game, I made a mental note to try to exit slowly to check her out some more when I left the Men’s room if she was still there when I was done.

When I got into the Men’s room I was surprised to see there was a line of guys waiting to use the urinals.  Now, the restrooms near the poker room are the smallest restrooms in the BSC by far.  It has just five urinals and three stalls.  I dunno how small the girls room is but it’s not at all unusual to see a line of chicks waiting to get in there backed out into the casino.  And I’ve seen a line at the urinals before, but usually only when the place is really busy.  This night it was not.  The place had been dead all weekend.  I was surprised to see I had to wait, and now I was concerned about taking so long that I would either miss my blinds, miss the cocktail waitress, or both.  I started to consider leaving right away and waiting to go later…..the need to go wasn’t that urgent that I couldn’t wait.  So I was debating that in my mind, and still thinking about the girl with the flashing tit, and thus was not able to totally focus on what else was going on the tiny restroom. 

But as I was deciding to wait it out, I did notice that the last stall in the room, the one farthest from the door, was actually open, in fact it was being held open by some guy.  The guy was wearing a official looking shirt which made me think he was an employee of the BSC and probably some maintenance guy.  He was looking in towards the toilet and he might have been talking to someone in there, I’m not sure.  My initial thought was that he was observing that the toilet either needed to be cleaned or had a plumbing problem that needed to be addressed, like it was stopped up or overflowing.  But I wasn’t really paying that much attention because I only needed to use a urinal, not a toilet.

It was then that I started to hear some comments from the guys in line to urinate.  Again, I wasn’t paying that much attention to them.  But the gist of the comments were, “There’s a woman in the Men’s Room.”  “There’s a drunk women in the Men’s Room.”  “She’s drunk, she didn’t know where she was, that’s why she’s in the Men’s Room.”  Since I wasn’t really focusing on this at all, I kind of thought the guy saying this might have been telling his buddies some story that already had happened, not observing what was happening right before my eyes.  That was my initial feeling anyway.  I also wasn’t paying enough attention to realize that the comment about her not knowing where she was because she was drunk, and that was the reason she was in the Men’s room, was said in a very sarcastic manner.  Only when I recreated this in my mind did I take note of the sarcasm. At the time, I saw no woman and had no reason to think he was talking about this particular restroom at this particular time.

That is, until I saw a girl emerge from the open stall.  The maintenance guy then escorted her through the room to the exit.  The girl was very attractive, late 20’s/early 30’s, and well dressed….a little sexy but not nearly slutty enough to be a hooker or even one of the club-going hotties that you see so frequently.  So, she looked attractive but not at all slutty.  Now I started focusing on all this, ran back the guy’s comments about there being a woman in there in my mind, and tried to make some sense of this.  But I was still too distracted to notice one very important thing.  I’m afraid I cannot tell you with any certainty whether or not a guy came out of the stall with this girl or not.  That’s a key element and I just can’t be sure, I just had too many other things going on in my mind to notice, and I didn’t realize until later that this was something I should have focused on.  I apologize for this hole in the story.

But if I had to guess, I would say there was no guy with her.  Because as she walked past  the line of guys waiting to take a piss, and also walked past five guys with their backs to her and their dicks in their hands, whizzing, she went over to the first guy in the line and said to him, “I love you!” and kissed him right smack on the lips!  And my first thought about this was that the guy she kissed must have been her boyfriend/husband who escorted her into the Men’s room because she was in desperate need to use it and the line in the Women’s room was too damn long and she just couldn’t wait.  That was the thought I had for one second.  That thought left my mind when the girl skipped passed the second person in line and approached the third person in line.  That third person in line was me!  She walked right up to me and said, “I love you!” and moved into to kiss me.  It happened too fast for me to do much of anything about it.  I was too stunned and had no time to react or to stop it or anything.  Fortunately, unlike the previous guy, she missed my lips and got me on the cheek, right next to the lips but just missing them.  The girl was obviously drunk, but not so falling down drunk that she need help walking,  But the maintenance guy did take her arm and kind of dragged her out of the Men’s room.  I was the second, and the last, guy she kissed. 

Now, as I was trying to focus on this and put everything together in my mind, I heard the other guy who had been kissed shouting something….it was  “Yuck….I was kissed on the mouth by a girl who had just sucked a cock!  Yuck.”  He repeated this a couple of times. It wasn’t at all clear to me if he was making a joke or he was genuinely upset, and if he really knew whether the girl had just given someone a blowjob or not. 

As for me, I was glad the girl had missed my lips for another reason…..the thought occurred to me that she might have been using that stall not for the purposes of performing oral sex, and not to go number one or number two, but to toss her cookies.  Drunk as she was, it was entirely possible to me that she might have had to urgently use the toilet for that reason and went to the Men’s room because the Women’s room was too crowded. However, I detected no scent from her at all…no perfume, no semen, no vomit. But for a host of reasons I was still glad she missed my lips. 

So finally it was my turn to use the urinal and I was recreating the whole incident in my mind, and I wondered now what had really been going on in that stall.  I finished up, exited the restroom and noticed the girl with the flashing tit was gone.  I wondered if maybe she was waiting for her girlfriend, the girl in the Men’s room?  I have no idea.  I have no real way of connecting these two chicks, other than that they were both gone by the time I left the bathroom.

But as I made my way back to the poker room (and was in a hurry because I had taken so long), I overheard the guy from the restroom repeating several times, loudly in the casino, that he had been kissed by a girl who had just sucked a cock.  And how disgusted by it he was.  It was only then that I noticed something very weird about this guy and the two buddies he was saying this to.  They were all wearing skirts.  Now, I’ve seen (in Vegas) men wearing kilts.  But these really didn’t look like kilts, they looked like skirts.  And I saw that they all had the same black t-shirts on which a lot of text on the backs of the shirts.  I suspect that if I had taken the time to read the shirts I might have gotten a clue as to why these guys were wearing skirts.  But I was in too much of a rush to get back to the game to do so.  So, I’ll never know.  Just as I’ll never know what really took place in that Men’s room stall.

But to answer your most pressing question, I did make it back to the poker table in time for both the cocktail waitress and the blinds.  I also immediately realized that this was an unusual enough story that it had to be documented.  And even more bizarre, this was the first of a string of “women in the bathroom” stories I’ve picked up since.  In fact, for awhile, it seemed like at least once a trip, I would run into a woman in a Men’s Room somewhere in town.  None of the subsequent ones have been as interesting as this one, sadly.  Or perhaps, fortunately.

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