Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Great "Woman Said" Stories I Read on The Web

Here’s a couple of stories I found at the poker forum of Two Plus Two Publishing.  I don’t plan on telling “other people’s stories” here and certainly not copy from other websites, but these two stories are just too good not to share.  And they fit into one of this blog’s favorite category, the “woman said” story.  Also, another favorite topic of mine….”the Jennifer Tilly Effect.”  That’s where a female poker player takes advantage of the gifts Mother Nature—or a plastic surgeon—gave her to display significant cleavage at the poker table in order to distract her male opponents and thus have an edge at the table. 

The forum I got these tales from publishes books on poker.  A lady poker player who had only played online wanted other women to tell her what it might be like if she played live poker and was one of the only—if not the only—female at the table.  The entire thread is worth reading, you can see it here:  http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/189/thats-what-she-said/live-poker-experiences-1037446/

Both of these stories were posted by female poker players.

The first story can be found at:

Most of the people at the lower stakes tables are not pro's but your average joe just looking for some fun. If you can get them thinking about your tits instead of thinking about your cards, that's a HUGE advantage. Once you move up you will find this works less and less, but still - Guys (and some girls!) are gonna stare and the more they do, the less information they are getting.

Perhaps relevant - Below is a convo I had with my bro Dave a few years ago after a long session in Reno

Dave - "You should have seen this table!"

Me - "Loose as hell? You make - "

Dave - "Naw man, this one girl...her tits were AMAZING dude!!"

Me - "Tits?" (Pause) "How much are you down?"

Dave - "About 1k"

Me - "You've lost half your roll to a girl and we just got here?"

Dave - "Yeah but dude...HER TITS!!! They were.....*gets a PRICELESS blank look on his face*....oh ****. I just got played, didn't I?"

Me (Laughing) - "Yes, yes you did. Hope it was worth it!"

Dave (After a moments pause) - "....no. But man.....those TITS!"

I still enjoy needling him every now and then with "THOSE TITS". So much fun. :-D
Here’s the other story, originally located here: 

Him: Young gun walks up to table.

Me: Sitting behind big stack of chips.

Him: Sits down across from me and says nervously "Nice Stack".

Me: Grab Tits in both hands and push together while saying "Thanks Man!"

Him: Turns red and says "Uuuuhhhhh..."

Me: "Oh STACK?  , I thought you said RACK  . My Bad  .

The rest of the table gets really quiet and nervous. I proceed to stack more chips.

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