Sunday, February 12, 2012

Josie's Tale of "Woman Said" and "Pocket Kings"

This is from Very Josie's awesome poker blog, but when I read it, I really thought this part of her story belongs on my blog.  Check out these paragraphs:

I was settling in next to a very very young looking dealer.  I'm guessing he was 21-22 only because you must have to be that old to work in a casino.  As I'm settling my shiat down he says to me "Why don't you get me a back rub while you're there?"

And for some strange reason I reply with "Why don't you give me pocket kings and I'll give you a front rub." (!) I still don't know how or why it came out of my mouth but it did.  The table erupts and starts laughing.  I sit down and he deals me a hand.  A guy 2 away to my right jams all in.  Action is to me and I look at the first card; it's a king.  I chuckle to myself that that kid dealer did half his job.  The other card is a king too.  omfg.  I go all in over the top of the previous all in.  It gets folded all around and my fishponent says "No way you got pocket kings" but looks a little glum as he turns over Q-J off suit.  I smile and show my cowboys.  And then I take that kid out and get another bounty.  Unbelievable.

I say to the dealer who's smiling BIG at me "Erm...I was kidding you know....and I'm way too old for double your age."  He replies "That's okay - age doesn't matter."  Omfg....well maybe a backrub.  He gets moved and I go on dinner break thank goodness.

Note: 1) "woman said" story.  2) "Dreaded Pocket Kings" story.

How is this story not on my blog?  Oh wait. the Hero won with Pocket Kings, now I see.

Anyway, her whole adventure is worth your time and can be found here, go there and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Rob! I need to watch what I say....nah....

    1. Nah. If women started watching what they say, I'd have a lot less to blog about.