Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poker with grrouchie

Be sure to check out the grouch-meister's post about our evening of poker together last night, you can find it here.  I had a great time at the poker table with him despite the variance and eventual loss.

What is great is that he's done the blog post for me, you just have to go to his blog to read it.  Please check it out.


  1. Rob, yer on Vacation man.
    I thought i'd give you a break and write the posts for you until you fly back to home sweet (not quite as cool as Vegas) home.

    I'll do a nice detailed write up of our session tonight as well which will hopefully include WINS and a nice "woman said" story lol.

    Last night we only had a "woman took up table space" and "woman coolered both of us" stories.

    1. Yeah, it wouldn't have been so bad if at least that gal who crippled our stacks was showing off her own stack, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Or at least saying provacative things like talking about her fetishes. Tho I got the impression she was in town for some kind of business conference so maybe that's why she couldn't let her hair down.

      Damn, I probably shouldn't have said that. I was actually accused of being "obsessed with bosoms" last night, if you can believe that!!! Me, obsessed with bosoms? Shirley, you jest! I'm no more obsessed with bosoms than the next guy... assuming the next guy is Hugh Heffner or Russ Meyer (hope people reading this remember who Russ Meyer even was).

      Anyway, thanks for doing my job for me. If I can ever return the favor someday...well, forget it.

    2. I say tonight we pick the table with the best racks instead of the best stacks.

    3. There is no way to put into words the sheer brilliance of that plan. To call you a genius would be an insult.

  2. Lazy bastard! I'm heading to Grrouchie's!

    You guys let a woman beat you at poker? This summer is going to be soooooooooo lucrative. :)

    1. VJ, I've been called worse by women much geographically closer to me than you!

      And I must take serious issue with the misogynistic nature of you comments. It is no shame to lose to a woman. As a talented and intelligent woman yourself, you should know that women are every bit the equal of men in poker and in life.

      In fact, in one area woman are better than men. They have bosoms.

    2. 1) - I was raised that if a woman beat you at something she at least flashed a little nipple - apparently in Sin City of all places, people were not raised with the same values I was.

      2)I hope you stick to cash games where you can use what will be your newly in shape goods to distract young guys looking for a cougar.

      3)You always have a spot at my place if you want to come visit (when I get a place that is - not this apartment crap)

      4)More stories tomorrow!

  3. Sounds like it was fun. But no reason why you shouldn't take the women to the cleaners while admiring the scenery.