Sunday, February 5, 2012

"I want it Now!"

This took place at the same table as this story. In fact it involves one of the two players featured in that story, the female dealer. We should give her a name.  Let's call her Ginger, because that is so not her real name.

Ginger deals at BSC and is a very attractive women.

Very attractive.

Aside:  Last year a couple of middle aged guys from back east were playing 2/4 at the same table as me.  They come to Vegas every year to meet, old college roomies who now live in separate cities.  A "guy's weekend" type of thing.  The wives were left at home.  They were regulars at BSC, playing poker there every time they came to town for this trip.

They kept asking if Ginger was still working there and if she was working tonite.  They both agreed she was the most beautiful poker dealer they knew and were eager to have her spend a half hour dealing to them.  I did see Ginger dealing in the room, but sad for these two guys, she never made it to our table that night.

Ginger is not only good looking but extremely friendly and out-going, especially when she is playing.  I've played with her numerous times (no, not that way, get your minds out of the gutter) and she is always fun.  In fact, I chose to play at her table because I knew it would be fun table with her and her friend playing there.  The table was full of non-stop chatter, much more like a limit game than the No Limit I had been playing this trip.  (See here.)

Anyway, sitting between Ginger and me at this time was a young kid--and I do mean young.  I was surprised I didn't see him carded.  To me, he looked more like he belonged at his Bar Mitzvah than in a Vegas poker room.

On a hand I wasn't paying particular attention to, Ginger made a huge bet on the flop, way more than the size of the pot.  Someone else commented on the size of the bet, and Ginger screamed, "I want it now!"  Meaning of course, the pot.  She was betting big so that no one would call her and she could take down the pot immediately without a further challenge.

Almost immediately, I exclaimed, "God, I love hearing a woman scream 'I want it now!' to me!"

I'm not sure if Ginger heard me, she was so involved in the pot.

But the young guy next to me heard and totally cracked up.  He said to me, "Sir, so far, that is the line of the night!"


  1. I rented a room from "Ginger" for a little over a year. The stories I could tell you...

    1. Hmm.....very mystifying. I do recall once while playing with her Ginger saying that she likes being "straddled", but until now I always assumed she was talking about poker.