Monday, February 13, 2012

Huge Score! Taking 2nd in the First Very Josie!

I'm ready for the main event now!  Tonight was the inagural Very Josie Tournament on Black Chip Poker.

A special invitation only poker tournament for followers of the terrific Very Josie blog.  Most of the players were fellow poker bloggers, most of their blogs are on my blogroll, and if they aren't they should be, and soon will be.

Unfortunately, our lovely, hostess (who has really big boobs, btw), got knocked out early and was never at the table with me.  Even more unfortunately, once you got knocked out, you weren't able to chat, so the main reason I played--so I could take abuse from Josie--was negated. 

But a good time was had by all anyway.

It probably helped that I took 2nd place.  Yeah, against all those savy pro's, this rank amateur managed to take 2nd place.  Lightning was the big winner, knocking me out.  And TBC took home third.  He was the big chip leader for most of the tournament but ran into a bad streak to finish in the last cash position.  Tough luck Tony, but at least you cashed.

This was a bounty tournament and I took two bounties.  I knocked out Gary and Poker Grump.and scored two bucks each for that.  Now the Grump is actual a professional poker player and his blog is basically a course on how to play smart poker, so I am especially proud of that.  I could see what a tough player he is even tho I suspect that considering the stakes involved and the fact that all of us were paying as much attention to making smart-ass comments on chat as we were the poker, he was hardly playing his best.

Yeah, I'm pretending to be bragging but I know I just got lucky.

And amazingly enough, I won not once but twice with Pocket Kings.  However, in both cases, I raised preflop with them and got no callers. 

It was a fun time and winning a few bucks (and I really mean it, it was a few bucks) was just icing on the cake. 

Thanks Josie!


  1. It would have been one heck of a comeback if you had won. It is always tough when your opponent has such a big chip advantage going into HU.

    I thought the tourney was loads of fun ... especially since we could all talk about Josie and she was blissfully silent for once.

    And whoever made the comment about Josie's boobs should step forward ... he he.

  2. Tourney was a blast. Nice to play in one where you can just relax, goof off, make bad comments and enjoy yourself with no real pressure!

    The whole no chatting when you are not at a table thing does suck though.
    Congrats on 2nd place

  3. Congested Rob! That Lightning is trouble!

    1. Thanks to all for the comments and kudos. Lightning, you are right but on that last hand, if I'd won wouldn't we have been about even? And I did have an Ace vs your King high. We both hit our kickers but your 8 beat my 4. So I did have a reasonable shot. That said, considered how close I came to busting out a lot earlier I was lucky to be there.