Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's Happening Now

What's happening now is that I am wishing there were two of me, although, if I gain any more weight, there might as well be.  What I mean is that I need one of me to go off and have fun in Vegas, and get all these stories I will be blogging about, and another one of me to stay in the room and write all those blog posts about them.  But since I'm just one person, the posts will have to wait.

When this is posted, I hope that I will still be playing in today's 2PM Binions tournament.  Although the way my cards have been running the past two days, I might not last an hour.

But so many things to write about, including last night's very disappointing 7PM Orleans tournament.  Disappointing not just because of the cards, but I was extremely unhappy with the way the tournament was run and managed by the Orleans staff, sad to say.  More on that to follow.

Naturally, I did run into some of the usual suspects that you've already read about here, including Poker Genius (post here) and Kathy, the "cleavage modeler" who I posted about here

But I was really surprised to find myself sitting at the same table as "Crazy Marsha", the punch-thrower I told you about here and here.  No, I didn't see her come to blows with anyone, but she was already on my mind a bit because on my first nite in Vegas, I did recognize "Mike McDermott" playing at BSC, so naturally I thought of the daughter who gave me two blog posts.

Anyway, all of that is coming, as well as another Crazy Pineapple game, a few more words of wisdom from Prudence and who knows what else.

Just bear with me (or is that, bare with me)?


  1. i play almost no tourneys, but if i did, id play the binions 2pm and the rio daily deepstacks during the wsop and the 6pm PLO at ceasers on wed or thursdays

    1. Dunno about the Rio deepstacks, Tony, I'll have to look into that. But the Binions 2PM has the best structure of any tournament in Vegas that I'm familiar with.