Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Update--Back in Vegas Now

Got back to Vegas yesterday and had a nice run.  First, played in small tournament at LC2, 32 runners, paying 4.  At 5 we agreed $15 each to bubble.  Cashed out 4th for a $50 profit, after tip.  Most memorable hand was when I knocked out two players, and for the life of me, I can't remember what any of us had.  This old age thing sucks.

Then played 1/2 No Limit at BSC.  Prudence was there, so we chatted a bit.  Played at a different table.  About 4 hands in, I get 9/10 spades on the button, 4 limpers so I limp.  Flop is 6-7-8, 2 hearts.  By the turn I had gotten all-in (most of my $200 buy in), two callers, one had me covered, one was only in for about $80.  Low spade on turn, Ace Clubs on river doesn't concern me, I have the nuts, win nearly $300 on the hand.  Left after a couple of hours winning $335.

Just wondering when I will get the time to blog about all my old stories as I get new ones.  Hope to post updates throughout this trip.


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    1. Thanks Josie. I was lucky, no women were at distracting me at the table :)