Sunday, May 6, 2018

It Will Be a Fun Post to Write

Well, I have a great post for you.  I just haven't written it yet.  And it will take some time to write it up.  And I have to warn you, it might be a multi-part post.  

So I can't promise when, but it will hopefully soon.  

What happened was that on Saturday I went down to Commerce to play in a $240, $200K guarantee tournament.  SPOILER WARNING: I made it into the money.  And then I made it to Day 2.  So on Sunday I went back to Commerce.

Now I didn't win life-changing money, not at all.  But I didn't min-cash either.  And after nearly 10 hours of poker over the two days, I have much to talk about.  Yes, there will be plenty of those boring hand histories that some of you actually like.

Since I don't have anything else to post, I wanted to get something up here so you don't think I got my ass thrown in jail as happened to another famous blogger recently.

So hang in there and keep checking back, and hopefully I can something published before too long.


  1. I was there too in Sunday, i cashed in the facebool tournament.

    1. Oh Wow, too bad we didn't know, would have been nice to say hi.

      The DJ they had was right behind me and the music was kind of driving me crazy.

      Congrats on the cash.