Friday, March 30, 2012

Not as Exciting as I'd Like.....

Well, as I noted in my last post here, I won a free entry to the $350 All Vegas Poker Tour 3 Day No Limit tournament, an inagural event.

I was very excited to win and I hoped to have a very exciting follow up post about a huge win for me, but alas, it was not to be.

I played 4 hours, made it to early in Level 7.  But I was unbelievably card dead the whole time.  A few attempts to make a move worked, most didn't.  With a little more than 10x blinds and ante's, in the small blind so I was already invested in the hand, I found pocket 4's.  A guy with a few more chips than me made a small raise, I hadn't seen a better hand than 4's in over 90 minutes, so I shoved.  The other guy had two 7's, nothing hit, and I was done.

But I had a lot of fun and I'm sure glad I got a free chance to make a nice score.  There were only around 46 runners for day one, and I lasted until about 27.  One thing I have to say....I was worried that players in an event that cost $350 to enter would be way out of my league, but I sure didn't feel that way.  I didn't see anyone at any table I was at who I felt had me totally outclassed as a poker player.  I was just card dead. I know I didn't play great, and I know I was not aggressive enough in the face of a series of bad starting hands, but I didn't see anyone else playing brilliant poker either.  I certainly feel if I had gotten an average range of decent hands, I could still be playing.  Oh well.

Perhaps equally disappointing, there weren't even any unusual or outrageous memorable hands to blog about.

It was great to meet Jon & Lizzy from AVP and thanks again for the prize; I only wish I could have taken better advantage of the freeroll.  


  1. Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw....but it sounds like you had a good time and that makes it worthwhile. Keep us posted on your Vegas play!

  2. Hey man, at least you didnt spend $350 of your own money

  3. Even when you are playing with the very best in Poker in a tournament, you generally will find that you do not feel outclassed. You just have to start to feel comfortable as the buy-ins rise.

    The big pros are people also, and they are getting the same two cards, and they can only do so many things with their chips.

    Generally, they are just getting the best luck over the most recent past.

    I feel lucky to have played a lot in the Cali Tourny Circuit a few years ago. You realize that even the most accomplished people are just not that far ahead of you in poker, and a few lucky or unlucky cards are what makes the difference between going home to post that it was not as exciting as you would have liked, to being out all night long celebrating a big win (cause if you went home, you could not sleep anyway.

    Best of Luck to you in the next one.