Monday, August 11, 2014

We Have a Winner to the Robvegaspoker Quiz

We have a winner!  (See previous post, here)

I didn’t expect anyone to come up with all 10 correct answers so fast.  I expected people would submit a few answers and hope for the best.  But soon after the post, Nick, aka Cokeboy99, who himself starred in this post here, nailed it completely and earned the prize.

Condolences to arniejokin who came in second…..there’s no prize for the silver, sorry.  His answers came in after Nick’s, but he did get 9 out of 10 correct.  Check answer #6.

Thanks for playing and congrats to Nick.  Nick is the King of pocket Cowboys and he won himself a book about that notorious  cowboy, Benny Binion.

I’m gonna have a review of the book, which I’m almost finished with, soon.

Here’s the questions and the answers, with links to the appropriate posts

1. Name the outrageous Asian girl who was a star of my early blog posts and became my good friend and who falsely accused me of being “obsessed with bosoms.”
Answer: Prudence

2. Name the BSC regular who has “Yellow Fever.”
Answer: Abe

3. Name the dealer at BSC most likely to crack my dreaded pocket Kings.
Answer: Mike

4. Name the BSC dealer I once drove to Red Rock, featured in more posts as a player than as a dealer.
Answer: Ginger

5. Name the player who told everyone her bra size and pulled down her shirt to expose her purple bra.
Answer: Didi

6, Name the BSC dealer who didn’t see I had a straight and almost gave the pot to the wrong player instead of me.
Answer: Jack

7. Name the dealer who told everyone at the table I blogged about her, called me a “gentlemen” and announced that her “rack is perfect.”
Answer: Denise(see also here.)

8. Name the BSC dealer who “never pushes me a pot.”
Answer: Michelle

9. Name the player who intentionally annoyed the other players to put them on tilt, and explained that she was in “relapse” and had played blackjack all day.  At another session, she announced she was leaving the table to perform a sex act on another player at the table.
Answer: Natalee(see also here.)

10. Name the BSC 2/4 regular who worked as fully nude male stripper.
Answer: Freddy


  1. Thanks for the mention Rob. I am coming to Vegas between Christmas and New Year and hope you are there for a game! Will get in touch nearer the time. Oh, and my answer to no6 was a poor guess based on elimination from the other answers....

    1. I'm really impressed that you got 9 out of 10.

      Please let me know when your coming to town as I am always in Vegas that time of year and would love to meet you.

      Thanks again for trying.

  2. I had no idea that Nick had that much time on his hands with a new job and all ... or that he is a glutton for THAT much punishment!

    1. It was easy for posts are all so short, keeping up with is a snap.

    2. I read all of Rob's posts since I was featured in a couple....and so I knew the answer to most of the questions without looking. The few I had to search for weren't too difficult to find. I did it last night shortly after it was published, just good timing seeing it and being able to sit down and answer it almost right away.
      Also, I really like reading, and this book sounds very entertaining, so it was additional motivation on top of my normal desire to win contests and such....I'm highly competitive when it comes to quizzes/trivia/mental stuff.

    3. Yeah, great job. Curious as to how many you needed help with. I bet the last one for sure.

      I'm impressed and flattered that someone pays that much attention to the silliness here.

    4. 2 of them I didn't remember at all. #4 and #10. I remembered most of the rest even if I couldn't remember the names without looking them up. As I started to search, I used your tags. The boob ones helped the most....surprise surprise!! lol I ran into the story talking about giving Ginger a ride, and knew your limit days were the early posts. The title of the post gave it away, so it wasn't too difficult to find. The interest in the book certainly motivated me!

    5. Thanks Nick, I thought #4 would be fairly easy, tho I guess I made the particular identifier harder than I could have.

      I knew #10 would be the toughest, only mentioned him the one time I think, but at least you could find him by looking at the blog post titles.

      Enjoy the book! I'm sure you will.

  3. I am so honored to be a part of this, but false accusations MY ASS. (Or more like MY TITS.)

    1. Loose player loose hole, huh? Awesome.

      Come on, the picture I put directly under your question in the quiz is proof positive that I'm NOT obsessed with bosoms.

      Heh heh.

  4. Replies
    1. Those were the very first words Cro-Magnon man said.

  5. WOW the dealer is STACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c what I did there. she deals cards which r stacked and she is. oh forget it

    1. She's got a full rack.

      Seriously, take a look, that chip rack is full of chips.

    2. this pic reminds me of the section of the CHIVE website. which is the got to find her section. which HOT chicks pics on chive and ppl try to find their names,etc,etc. that is yr mission,sir. she deals at binions. looks like BJ.

    3. Doubtful she works there still, likely an old pic.

      Hey, I just find the boobies, it's your job to name them.

    4. DEAL.i wonder if we can start a biz doing that?????????

  6. in other news . Robin WIllIAMS IS DEAD. WTF. R.I.P. monk and mindy biiitches

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS. monk and mindy is a porn spoof. sorry. mork and mindy. nanu nanu

    2. HOLY SHIT. Believe it or not, this was the first I had heard of the shocking, tragic news.