Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Robvegaspoker Quiz

OK, boys & girls, I am here to announce an actual, real, contest.  With an actual, real prize.

A good prize at that.

The prize is copy of the brand-new, hot-off-the-presses book, “Blood Aces” by Doug J. Swanson.

It is the biography of Benny Binion, one of the most famous and important characters in the history of Vegas—and poker.

In fact, the subtitle of the book is “The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker.”

The book is scheduled to be released in a week or so, and I have been authorized to offer one copy of it as a prize to one of my blog readers.

I will be reviewing the book myself here in the near future.

So I needed to come up with a contest that someone could win so I could award the book.

Here’s what I thought to do. It’s “The Robvegaspoker Quiz.”  A bunch of questions about the characters I’ve mentioned on the blog in its (nearly) three year history.  So below are 10 questions about the blog to answer if you’d like to play.

Since I’ve never done anything else like this before, I have no idea what the response will be.  So don’t be afraid to submit an incomplete test.  It’s possible judy one or two right answers will be enough to win.  I don’t expect anyone to have memorized all my blog posts—or to take the time to research the questions to any great degree.  But hopefully you’ll have some fun with it.

After 48 hours, the person who has the most right answers will win the book.  In the event of a tie, the person who responded earliest with the most answers will win.

I do have to limit this contest to residents of the U.S.  You must have a United States mailing address to qualify.

So here’s how to play:  Submit your answers in a comment to this post.  Please use your Blogger Profile/Google+ profile or some other unique Internet profile you have when you leave your comment/entry.  If you don’t have anything like that and normally comment anonymously, put a unique identifier at the bottom of your comment AND also send me an email with your answers (the same ones in the comment) identifying yourself so I can make sure I give the prize to the right person.  The email address is robvegaspoker(at)

I won’t approve any of the comments with answers until the contest is over.  If you have other comments about this that don’t include any of your answers, I will approve those right away, as usual.

I hope this works and that you can have some fun with it.

Here are the questions, I tried to put it in order of easiest to hardest, and the first one is a gimme.  Note:  In all cases, the name I’m looking for is the name I use on the blog, not the real name of the person.  You lose points for using real names, if you happen to know them.

1. Name the outrageous Asian girl who was a star of my early blog posts and became my good friend and who falsely accused me of being “obsessed with bosoms.”

2. Name the BSC regular who has “Yellow Fever.”

3. Name the dealer at BSC most likely to crack my dreaded pocket Kings.

4. Name the BSC dealer I once drove to Red Rock, featured in more posts as a player than as a dealer.

5. Name the player who told everyone her bra size and pulled down her shirt to expose her purple bra.

6, Name the BSC dealer who didn’t see I had a straight and almost gave the pot to the wrong player instead of me.

7. Name the dealer who told everyone at the table I blogged about her, called me a “gentlemen” and announced that her “rack is perfect.”

8. Name the BSC dealer who “never pushes me a pot.”

9. Name the player who intentionally annoyed the other players to put them on tilt, and explained that she was in “relapse” and had played blackjack all day.  At another session, she announced she was leaving the table to perform a sex act on another player at the table.

10. Name the BSC 2/4 regular who worked as fully nude male stripper.

Contest is open as soon as this posted, and ends at 6PM Pacific Time on 8/12/14, or when someone submits all 10 correct answers. 

Good luck! 



  1. No fair. Am I the only person to just go to your blog to look for booby pictures?

    1. No, not just you.

      There's anger.

      And VegasDWP too.

    2. LOL. sir ,I have u know I read your blog 4 the SLUT PARADE

    3. What, no reaction to the boobie pic I put in just for your amusement?

      I could have easily just had to the book cover only for graphics.

    4. that rack is AMAZING A++++++++++++++++++++ who is she???

    5. The future Mrs. Robvegaspoker, I'm hoping. idea. Just found the pic out there.

  2. As Rob sat there thinking, "It's not like my blog posts aren't long enough, so let me taunt everyone by posting a quiz where they have to name ten specific things from the billions of words that I've typed..." Well played sir, well played... ;)

    1. Hey, this was one of my shortest posts!

      Quit kvetching.

  3. 1. Prudence
    2. Abe
    3. Mike
    4. Ginger
    5. Didi
    6. Jack
    7. Denise
    8. Michelle
    9. Natalee
    10. Freddy

    1. Congrats, Nick, you totally nailed it. Impressive.

      I'm curious as to how many you knew cold and how many you had to research.

  4. I am surprised one of the answers isn't the rich guy living in Reno. I'll say the answer to #7 = Denise

    1. Well, right about that one, xdex.

      I tried to limit it to characters I introduced to the world and whose name I created.

      I take no credit for the man from Reno. :)

  5. 1 Prudence
    2 Abe
    3 Mike
    4 Ginger
    5 Didi
    6 Brent
    7 Denise
    8 Michelle
    9 Natalee
    10 Freddy

    1. Excellent try, thanks for playing. You did miss #6, it was Jack not Brent.

      I do wish I had a consolation prize for you, sorry.