Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Chip-Tease

This was a profitable session at MGM back in June.

I was in the small blind with Ace-5 of hearts and there had been a few limpers, so when the button made it $10 I called, hoping for multi-way action.  But the big blind and all the limpers folded so we were heads up.  The flop was Ace-Ace-Queen.  I checked and then called $15.  I checked a blank turn and he checked back.  I bet $25 on a blank river and he tanked but eventually called.  He mucked when he saw my hand.  I guess maybe he had a Queen?

I just checked from the big blind with Ace-Queen it was four-ways.  The flop was Ace-high and I bet $6 and had two callers. I bet $15 on a blank turn and they both called.  I bet $25 on a blank river.  One guy folded and the other guy called.  He showed Ace-Jack and I took it down.

I had King-10 suited on the button and just limped in behind a bunch of limpers.  Seven of us saw a flop of King-Queen-7.  I called $15 and we were heads up.  The turn was a blank and I called $30.  The river was a 10. This time he checked.  I was worried about the straight so I just checked behind.  He showed King-Jack and I was good.

On back-to-back hands I raised preflop with Ace-King and pocket Queens.  There was no call either time.

There was an amusing middle-aged woman who came to our table at one point.  She was with her friend, same age, who was at another table.  I figured out (or just assumed) that they were a couple of ladies from the East Coast (most likely New York) taking a few days vacation away from their husbands on a girls trip to Vegas. She was chatting non-stop but she didn't say anything interesting enough for me to remember.  Except that she needed to charge her phone.  The USB plug at her seat wasn't working.  She asked the guy next to her if she could try his.  Didn't work.  She asked the guy on the other side.  Didn't work.  She asked me if she could try mine even though I was two seats away from her.  I already knew mine didn't work but I decided to let her see for herself.  It still didn't work.

She finally called the shift manager over to complain about the plugs.  He apologized and said that they do tend to break often due to overuse.  USB phone chargers at the table are a great idea but I think they are no better than a 50/50 shot at working when you need one.

Anyway, she had bought in for $100 and on this particular hand she raised to $11 after a few limpers.  I looked down at two Aces in the big blind so I made it $35.  She said to me, "I thought this was a friendly game.  You got a pair?"  I just laughed.  She took a while to call but she did and we were heads up.  The flop came 10-8-8.  Before I could act, she grabbed her stack and moved it forward a bit to make it look like she was going to put it all-in, whether I bet or not.  So I decided to check and see if she'd bet for me.  But she tanked a bit and then checked behind.

The turn was a blank and this time I bet $50.  She didn't have much more than that.  She acted like she was going to call (or shove) but then folded.  She was a chip-tease.

I opened to $6 with pocket 6's (again, almost never open-limping these days).  But a guy made it $20.  It folded back to me.  I called and we were heads up.  The flop was 8-7-4 rainbow.  It checked around.  The turn was a 9 and it checked around again.  The river was a 6.  I had a set, but there were 4 cards to straight on the board.  I checked and he checked behind.  He didn't show when he saw my hand. I guess he must have had an Ace-King type of hand.  But why wouldn't he have c-bet with that in a heads-up pot?  Doesn't make sense to me.  I guess it was pretty unlikely he had a straight there, huh? I should have bet, but if he just had big cards he wasn't calling me.

I was playing my last orbit when I had Ace-9 of hearts.  Someone raised to $10 and there was a call so I called and it was four of us seeing a flop.  There were two hearts on the flop so I called the preflop raiser's $35 bet and we were heads up.  I turned the flush, this time he checked.  I bet $50 and he tanked a bit before folding. 

That was it.  I booked a $100+ win and called it a night.        


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    1. Yep, me too in the past. Trying not to open limp now. We'll see how it goes.